What Cameras Do You Use in MLB the Show 24?

When it comes to choosing a pitching, hitting, or fielding camera in MLB The Show 24, it really does come down to personal preference, and SDS gives people plenty of options. With that said, the community still likes to share their own choices and hear from others.

We’ve written on this topic in the past, with Cory doing a great deep dive last year for ’23 that still rings true for ’24 as well. In it he explains what the general consensus is among competitive online players. But more than that can go into your choices. A camera can make the game harder, easier, more realistic, more TV-friendly, and anything in between.

This is why it’s nice to get community feedback on this topic as well because we have everything from ultra competitive online folks to manager mode only folks. For me, this year I’ve settled on fielding, pitching, and hitting cameras that mostly accentuate the TV-style broadcast. I’m not trying to win every single online game, rather I want something that still looks somewhat aesthetically pleasing in all scenarios.

There are some out there wild enough to even hit from the “Broadcast” view, but I have never been one of those folks. Regardless, the community has its own opinions, and you can also customize your view for hitting (you can’t for fielding sadly, which is the one I actually might mess with if it existed).

As for hitting, right now Wide and Strike Zone 3 are the most popular within the community. For pitching, Broadcast remains the most popular (as usual). And then with fielding, Dynamic is the most common pick but there’s some variety here as well.

Feel free to head to the thread and share your own preferences and explain what other cameras you’ve messed around with this year.