September 29, 2023

Prominent Warzone streamer Nadia has now gone on the record to call out Activision for their alleged “double standard” after the content creator ended up not getting invited to the upcoming MW3 CoD next event.

In a now-deleted tweet, Nadia had this to say about the ongoing issue with Activision: “Call of Duty didn’t invite me out to CoD Next because of my bikini pics (I’ve never once posted nude), but has continued to invite content creators out who post pictures like this,” alluding to a handful of similar images from other high-profile content creators like Tfue, Swagg, and Aydan. And when I reached out weeks ago about the double standard, they dismissed it and lied,” she continued.

Nadia then went on to address the controversy further in a recent stream, stating that another reason why she wasn’t invited was because of criticism and feedback she’d provided during a previous event. “They asked for opinions afterwards. They asked for questions, they also asked for feedback. It’s like [Activision] didn’t even wanna hear negative feedback, but I didn’t even say it in a rude way,” she continued.

She then pointed out that another fellow streamer went through a similar experience due to some of the comments they’d posted on social media. “Even FaZe Kalei said something about this before when she kinda got blackballed for the shit that she tweets,” Nadia said. “But then you’ve got a picture of someone’s ass on Raven’s profile picture.”

“It’s not something that’s new. It’s something that’s been happening for a long time,” she later added, pertaining to the double standards that female CoD content creators have often experienced. It’s currently unclear at the time of writing whether Activision has changed their stance on sending out a CoD Next invite to Nadia after her revealing statements.

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