Warhammer: The Old World Core Boxes Announced

Games Workshop continues its slow but steady revival of Warhammer: The Old World. While they have previewed models and showcased a new novel in the past, the latest reveal is in regards to the upcoming Warhammer: The Old World core boxes.

Warhammer: The Old World core boxes detailed

In an official Warhammer-Community post, Games Workshop revealed what the new Warhammer: The Old World core boxes will contain. As the post confirms, this revival of the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles game will have two launch boxes instead of one.

Spooky scary skeletons sending pressure on their flank.

Those aforementioned launch boxes contain miniatures and rules for both the Kingdom of Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings of Khemri respectively.

And these Warhammer: The Old World core boxes are massive. Each box will contain a full 1250-point army packed with plastic miniatures, a 352-page hardback rulebook, a four-page reference sheet, 20 D6s, a scatter die, three weapon templates, two red plastic measuring sticks, and transfer sheets.

As for how many miniatures those points translate to, the post goes into further detail. The Tomb Kings sport 93 miniatures, including a Liche Priest on Necrolith Bone Dragon, 40 Skeleton Warriors, 32 Skeleton Archers, 16 Skeleton Horsemen, and 3 Skeleton Chariots.

Alternatively, the Kingdom of Bretonnia box contains 76 miniatures. Those miniatures include a Lord on Royal Pegasus, a lance formation of 12 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm, 36 Bretonnian Men-at-Arms, 24 Peasant Bowmen with two defense stakes, and three Pegasus Knights.

A screenshot of Kingdom of Bretonnia miniatures seen in the Warhammer: The Old World core boxes
Pikes at the ready, show them no quarter.

As for the rulebook contained within the Warhammer: The Old World core boxes, it will give you a full primer on the World of Legend. In addition to containing both Core and Advanced rules as well as how to set up battlefields and build armies, 70 of its pages are dedicated to the lore and background of the setting.

This core rulebook will be sold separately both physically and digitally.

In fact, Games Workshop has already provided a taste of the setting courtesy of a recent post. The post goes into detail about the Kingdom of Bretonnia, including its history and the code its knights swear by.

For those waiting for armies not showcased in these Warhammer: The Old World core boxes, Games Workshop has already thought ahead. At launch, two additional tomes will be released, containing rules for all nine factions in the game.

Artwork of the Green Knight alongside Bretonnian Knights from Warhammer: The Old World
What is the Green Knight? No one knows, only that they fight on behalf of Bretonnia.

The first book, Forces of Fantasy, will cover the Dwarven Mountain Holds, the Empire of Man, the Kingdom of Bretonnia, the Wood Elf Realms, and the High Elf Realms. The second book, Ravening Hordes, will cover Orcs and Goblins, Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen Brayherds, and the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

You will need a copy of the core rulebook to make full use of these tomes.

Lastly, each faction will have Arcane Journals. These softback books will contain additional history about the faction, including special characters, magic items, spells, a historical scenario, and thematic Armies of Infamy.

The Warhammer: The Old World core boxes, core rulebook, and tomes are available for pre-order right now.