Warframe Protea Prime Access hits all platforms, mobile included, on May 1st

  • Protea Prime is the newest prime warframe being added to the hit action shooter
  • Warframe Mobile lets you take this cult-classic on the go with you
  • Utilise the very fabric of time to your advantage as Protea

Warframe, the action shooter from Digital Extremes, is set to debut its newest warframe and a host of other additions with the launch of Protea Prime Access on May 1st. Featuring new armour, cosmetic items and more, you will wield the power of time itself with the latest prime warframe, Protea.

Protea Prime is the personal bodyguard of Parvos Granum, the Founder of the Corpus faction. You can access her by either collecting the necessary Blueprint, Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics in Void Fissure Missions or acquiring her directly through the marketplace, available for a limited time on all platforms.

Boasting the ability to deliver massive damage with a flurry of grenades, rewind time to avoid damage and more, Protea’s new Prime form makes her even more indispensable on the battlefield. Check out what’s new in the showcase below!

The Prime Directive

Yes, once more we get to dig into new Warframe updates! This means we humble mobile players who are unfamiliar get the ‘pleasure’ of learning all of what a Warframe is and all the various terminology surrounding it. For us, all we need to know is that Protea Prime is an upgraded version of the original Protea, featuring an additional Dash Polarity mod slot, increased energy and armour.

It’s not just a new warframe either, as Protea brings her Velox Prime and the Okina Prime Daggers to the fray. Now you can wield enhanced versions of the original Protea’s abilities in Warframe Mobile, letting you take the hit action game on the go with you whether on iOS or Android.

Haven’t gotten the chance to get to grips with Warframe yet? Check out our primer on the differences between mobile and PC. Whether you’re a whole new player or a veteran of the Tenno, you’ll find new challenges awaiting you as you take the fight to your enemies in Warframe Mobile.

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