WaPo Reporter Does Exactly What Vivek Predicted in His Terrific Takedown of Lib Media Tactics – RedState

As I reported on Wednesday, GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy blew the doors off a reporter who tried to cast what he was saying as not “condemning white supremacy.”

WATCH: Vivek Lets Loose With Amazing Response to Reporter Who Asks Him If He ‘Condemns White Supremacy’

Ramaswamy went on not only to condemn all vicious discrimination, but he clapped back at the reporter and the media for utilizing such tactics and he predicted that the reporter would just print what she wanted anyway, regardless of everything he said. It was one heck of a brilliant response that went viral. 

So can you guess what happened next? 

Here’s how the reporter Meryl Kornfield cast the exchange. 

I asked Vivek if he condemned white supremacy. Vivek said to “stop picking on this farce of some figment that exists at some infinitesimally small fringe.” He said he condemns “vicious racial discrimination” but would not “bend the knee” and condemn white supremacy.

Now, if you hadn’t seen the video and just listened to what she said you would think that he hadn’t condemned white supremacy when the whole gist of everything he said was against discrimination. So pushing this is just pushing narrative propaganda. She knows what he truly said, but that doesn’t matter to her. 

Community Notes wasn’t having any of this, calling what the WaPo reporter said “disingenuous.”

This is a disingenuous framing of the exchange. He condemned all forms of racism, but refused to participate in a clear “gotcha” moment by the journalist

This was what Vivek predicted that the reporter would do. Not only did he deliver the perfect takedown of this hack reporter and completely own her, but he called it big time. Could the media be any more disgusting, predictable, biased, or hilarious than this? And they wonder why we don’t trust them. This is one example of why. He said she was going to do it, calling her out in advance and still she couldn’t help herself. What does that say about how low they’ll go? They truly have no shame.

Kornfield’s post went viral with close to 5 million views and she ended up getting ratioed to the moon for it. About 20 million people had seen the original video and the reporter wasn’t going to be able to get away with this post.