December 10, 2023
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We show our progress, and we let everyone know we have our 1st stable build.

Greetings community,

Sorry about the long silence, but we’ve been busy.

We have reached our 1st internal build, known as Release candidate 1 (RC1). We are testing it internally, and when we feel that the RC is ready for public testing, we intend to post it here as well as on

Until then, we want to assure you all that we are hard at work, despite this, we are no longer looking into grant funding from the small business innovation research program. The specific personnel required are no longer available at this time.

Thank you for your patience, it’s greatly appreciated.

(yes, a bit short given my history, but we are doing more action than talk these days)

Vultures screen test 1

Vultures screenshot market

“Capitalism Never Sleeps!”

(Yelled at 4AM)

-Bartholomew “Bald Bart” Aquila (Head Government regulatory Bird)

Copy of eagle m 4

-For everyone here at Honor Games, I’m that guy that may or may not be crazy.

Splash Screen

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