Visual novel Mediterranea Inferno planned for Switch

Santa Ragione today announced that it’s working on console versions of Mediterranea Inferno, and a Switch version is in development. The company has also passed along a release date of March 5, 2024.

Mediterranea Inferno, which comes from the team behind games such as Saturnalia and Wheels of Aurelia, is a visual novel about friendship, desire, and grief. Further details are available in the following overview:

A treacherous visual novel about friendship, desire, and grief.

What’s better than a sensual summer retreat in the South of Italy? Join Claudio, Andrea, and Mida in their travels as they try to recover from the collective trauma of the 2020 pandemic.

Three young men in their early 20s reconnect after two years of forced isolation, hoping to rekindle their friendship; an exceptional bond that made the trio truly special! A mythological force well beyond the sum of its parts! Or so they think…

As you pick their activities for the day, you’ll discover their darkest fears, their obsessions, and, as the reality of their failed expectations become apparent, their thirst for revenge and retribution.

A lazy afternoon by the pool, a lustful night at the club, or even a morbid visit to the local cemetery: you’ll decide how to spend this summer vacation, but wherever you go, something or someone will be waiting, offering an additional, forbidden trip through the arcane inner spaces of conscience.

Eat the Fruit of Mirages and fight for your endless summer!

A playthrough lasts three to four hours, reaching one of many possible endings and showing roughly 60 percent of the game’s content.

Key Features

  • Pick daily activities for the trio and see how they affect the story.
  • A new treacherous drama from the creator of Milky Way Prince: The Vampire Star.
  • A generational story that is as touching as it is disturbing.
  • With music, writing, and art from the game’s author, including hundreds and hundreds of original illustrations.

Those interested in getting a look at Mediterranea Inferno can check out the trailer below.

The title will be sold digitally on Switch via the eShop. Pricing is set at $14.99. You can access the official website here.