Valorant teases Lunar New Year 2024 bundle coming soon

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Riot Games has put out its first tease of an upcoming Lunar New Year bundle that’ll presumably be making its way to the store in the near future.

While it didn’t give too much away, the animated picture includes three Agents – namely Jett, Phoenix and Iso travelling on a boat seemingly on their way to a new destination. Though it’s hard to tell from the image, that destination seems to be revealed by the caption: “Year of the Dragon – Thailand trip” – indicating heavily the geographical theme of the regular annual event. It’s also got plenty of people speculating that the next Valorant Agent, therefore, may also be from Thailand.

Last year’s Valorant Lunar New Year event celebrated the Year of the Rabbit – and included a weapon bundle known as the Luna bundle with themed weapons to match including the Luna Ghost, the Luna Marshal, the Luna Spectre and the Luna Vandal – along with some Luna Buddy weapon charms. The year before that, Riot unleashed the Enter the Tigris event with a Tigris skin line and a free Lunar Celebration event pass.

We don’t yet know if this year’s event will include a weapon bundle, the rumored new Agent or both, but we likely won’t have long to find out, judging on this social media post. 2024 is, as the caption says, the Year of the Dragon – so it’s probably a safe bet to assume some dragon themed cosmetics – hopefully, we’ll be hearing more soon.

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