Valorant players want this feature added to the game

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Riot Games is an incredibly busy studio, splitting its time between League of Legends, Valorant, and other projects. The team is regularly releasing new content and features for its games, including the recently released Clove agent, as well as updating the lobby screen, and they are still working on the highly requested replay system. When there is an endless list of tasks to complete, sometimes basic features can be overlooked. Players on Reddit have noticed an oversight that can become incredibly annoying to deal with and they call for Riot Games to add this feature into the game to make the experience more enjoyable.

U/adumdumonreddit has taken to Reddit to request that players be given the ability to be able to mute quick replies in the chat. This comes after a player was using a cheat to bypass the cooldown feature on quick replies. By using this, it allowed the player to spend 13 rounds spamming a message so their character said “bravo” every few seconds. U/adumdumonreddit and their team were unable to mute the sound, and even moving away from the player just caused it to play through the radio. Because the cheating player was spamming the message it counted as them not being AFK so they were unable to be kicked by the team.

This appears to be a common complaint and many other players have experienced similar situations. U/Average_Crafter mentioned they had experienced this too saying “How Riot could miss such an obviously needed feature? I mean you don’t even need a cheat for it, someone could just keep saying those even with the timeout and it can get on my nerves really really quick.” It is possible to mute these, but it also mutes all voice lines which can then hinder your team when a player doesn’t have a microphone and needs to rely on quick replies, it also mutes ability and ult voicelines too. Unfortunately, unless Riot Games adds the ability to mute these specific quick replies, it seems like this is going to be something players will have to put up with and one of the downsides of playing a team-based mode. This will likely not happen as much during higher ELO games as players are more skilled and risk being de-ranked if they throw games, which no one wants to do as it is already difficult to rank up.

With Valorant being an ever-changing game as Riot Games release new content and updates, including the recently added 25th agent Clove, who has become an instant hit with fans, it is more important than ever to keep up and make sure you are in the best position to lead your team to victory. To ensure this, we highly recommend checking out our list of the best PCs to play Valorant on, as well as our look at what equipment and peripherals the best Valorant pros are using to win tournaments across the world.