Valorant Agent 25 – Everything we know about their abilities and release window

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With Episode 8 Act 2 almost here, there are several signs that a new Agent 25 will be dropping onto the Valorant scene. Here’s what we know so far about their role. After a player card teased the Agent when Episode 8 started, players have been wondering about the next Agent.

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A teaser for a new Valorant Agent from the official Valorant handle. Image from Riot Games.

Valorant Agent 25 rumored release window

There’s no official release date for Agent 25 at the moment. But Riot Games has teased a new Agent reveal during the final match of VCT Masters Madrid on March 24. The last Agent to join the game was Duelist Iso back in October 2023. 

Valorant Agent 25 expected role

Leaks point to Agent 25 being a Controller. The new Agent appears to interact with another controller Omen in one of the leaks. This character would join other Controllers like Harbor, Omen, Astra, Brimstone, and Viper. 

Valorant Agent 25 abilities

Considering that they will likely be a Controller, expect a smoke ability of some sort. A leak mentioned the character with the phrase ‘When dropping smokes takes on a new life.’ And a leaked voice line appears to confirm a revive ability as well. In the leak, a character says ‘Aye fam, imagine when me and the new kid go on the same mission, other team gonna be stressin’, with both of us coming back to life.’ This would give them multiple options when it comes to supporting the team.

That covers everything we know about Valorant Agent 25. We don’t know their name yet either and we will update this guide once we have more information. For more on Valorant, check out the Night Market schedule and how to change crosshairs in Valorant.