Update from developer and planned new content

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Helldivers 2 is the new hit game right now. Fans absolutely loving the PvE action fighting against bugs and aliens across several differing planets with friends. It is an absolute blast to play and it’s only natural that the community is looking towards the future. Developer Arrowhead has responded to inquiries about a Helldivers 2 roadmap and they have discussed all of the new content planned for post-launch.

The game has been a huge success for Sony as PlayStation’s first PC launch day exclusive. It surpassed Palworld on Steam dethroning it from its worldwide domination on the Valve top sellers chart, and it is also available on PS5 with crossplay fully available between both platforms. Lots of players are enjoying the game and it currently boasts an overall user score of 8.2 on Metacritic.

There is plenty of content available from launch to enjoy to easily justify the price tag. However, even more content is coming in the future, and, best of all, it will be entirely free. While the developer has not shared a timeline for when planned additions will be added, they’ve at least responded to fans and discussed what’s in the works.

Is there a Helldivers 2 roadmap?

There is no Helldivers 2 roadmap available to find online right now, but developer Arrowhead has responded to inquiries from fans. Over on the game’s official Discord, one of the developers replied to the demand for a roadmap saying ‘We were just having a chat about the graphic design for our roadmap, it’s coming’.

You can try to join the official Helldivers Discord for free. Unfortunately, as of writing, attempting to join brings up a message saying ‘Invites are currently paused for this server’. While you may not be able to join for the time being, it’s likely invites will open up again as soon as demand slows down as the game has quickly gained a huge fanbase since its launch on February 8th.

Planned future Helldivers 2 content

While developer Arrowhead has not yet released their Helldivers 2 roadmap, they have at least told fans what content is coming post-launch. They haven’t provided exact specifics about the new content or when it will arrive, but it’ll happen throughout 2024 and it will all be entirely free. Below is a message posted on the PlayStation blog:

‘There’s so much more to come as we expand the game’s content offering. We’re excited to confirm that as players fight in the Galactic War, they will also witness events unfold through our planned free updates. The universe of Helldivers 2 will grow and change to give our players refreshed gameplay, introducing new tools, new challenges, and new threats from around the galaxy.’

In addition to all of the above, a developer also said on Discord ‘We are constantly going to add more stuff to the game’. The new additions mentioned by the developer are more ‘Enemies, objectives, biomes etc.,’ and the developer reiterated that post-launch additions are ‘always going to be free’. Again, no specific timeline, but it’s fantastic news nonetheless.

For even more Helldivers 2 goodness, you can find our guides for how to unlock all difficulty settings as well as how to check the maintenance and server status to see if the game is down and offline. We also have an update from Arrowhead explaining why the game is ‘nearly unplayable‘ on AMD Radeon RX 7000 GPUs.

The game is available on PS5 and PC Steam for £34.99.