October 3, 2023

DeviantArt recently posted a statement in regards to their policy on NSFW and erotic content on the platform.

DeviantArt caused a stir in the erotica community on the platform, though DeviantArt claims that this is a response to the banning of several artists who ran afoul of their content policy.

In recent days, there’s been some confusion regarding DeviantArt’s policies relating to mature content. To provide clarity, no policy changes have been made regarding what types of mature content are allowed on DeviantArt.


Last month, DeviantArt team members began a deep investigation into a number of accounts with suspected Terms of Service violations. DeviantArt has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive and harmful content—particularly content involving minors. Accounts that were banned in the aftermath of this investigation were found to not be in compliance with the Terms of Service, and the account holders were given notice accordingly prior to being banned. The results of this investigation and subsequent ban of noncompliant accounts may have led to confusion surrounding site policy, but to reiterate, there has been no recent change in mature content policies.


Mature content continues to be allowed and welcome on DeviantArt. Just be sure to review DeviantArt’s Terms of Service and policy on mature themes before submitting.

We would still like to draw attention to our previous article which highlighted DeviantArt’s existing rules. Although these rules aren’t new, it’s a wakeup call for many artists.

  • Certain fringe sexual fetish topics or other fetish creations that are hard to distinguish from non-consensual sex.

Anyone who has even passing familiarity with DeviantArt should know the site’s reputation for obscure content such as inflation, transformation, and especially hypnosis. Patreon and similar platforms have virtually banned such content from their site at the request of payment processors. For now, these artists appear to exist on the platform only at the discretion of DeviantArt moderators.

DeviantArt users should make sure to reacquaint themselves with the site’s “policy on mature themes” to protect themselves.

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