Unreal Engine 5 GTA 6 Video Predicts Grim Ending for Jason and Lucia


  • An Unreal Engine 5 concept video predicts a dark ending for GTA 6 with potential protagonist showdown.
  • Fans can watch concept videos like this and revisit previous GTA games to pass the time before the release of GTA 6.

A new Unreal Engine 5 concept video from TeaserPlay has predicted a dark ending for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA fans have been waiting over a decade for Grand Theft Auto 6, and they were likely disappointed to learn their wait will continue for another couple of years. As revealed by the game’s first trailer, the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date isn’t until some time in 2025 at the earliest.

While fans wait for more information on when exactly they will actually get to play Grand Theft Auto 6, hopefully Rockstar Games keeps them sated with fresh gameplay videos and trailers. Unfortunately, the way Rockstar has promoted its previous games suggests that the next GTA 6 trailer is likely a long way off, with some not expecting it to drop until the end of 2024 at the earliest. Fans need a way to keep themselves busy in the meantime, and so they have taken to tearing apart the GTA 6 reveal trailer for clues and some have even produced their very own concept videos based on the game.


What to Expect From Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2024

With Grand Theft Auto 6 recently receiving its first official trailer, fans should expect some exciting content reveals to come throughout 2024.

YouTube channel TeaserPlay specializes in creating Unreal Engine 5 concept videos inspired by various video games. One of its latest videos tackles Grand Theft Auto 6, predicting how the game’s story will end. The video shows GTA 6 protagonist Lucia and the as-of-yet unnamed male protagonist (rumored to be named Jason) facing off in the middle of the street, guns pointed at each other as the buildings of Vice City loom in the background. The camera pulls back, giving fans the option to choose whether Lucia or Jason survives.

It’s long been rumored that GTA 6 will have a Bonnie and Clyde storyline, which suggests a dark ending for the game’s main characters. The Bonnie and Clyde angle suggests they will be killed by cops, but many have put forth the theory that Jason and Lucia will eventually find themselves at odds, which could potentially lead to them having to kill each other. Such an ending seems a little too obvious and derivative, though, so it’s likely that Rockstar Games will go in a different direction.

It will be years before Grand Theft Auto fans know how GTA 6 ends, so concept videos and fan theories will have to do for now. Fans may want to revisit previous Grand Theft Auto games before GTA 6 is out to make the wait a little easier, and luckily, many of them are readily playable on modern platforms. In fact, the GTA Trilogy just hit mobile for Netflix subscribers, so fans have all kinds of options when it comes to replaying the older games.


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