Undisputed Career Mode Gameplay Video

A new Undisputed Career Mode gameplay video has arrived courtesy of Ricky J Sports. as he goes into character creator and deep into Career Mode. The update is scheduled to arrive on February 12 with a new gameplay effect called flat footed movement, new camera angle and more.

With the introduction of flat-footed movement coming via this update, fighters who are below a certain stamina threshold will stand more flat-footed and move at a slower speed. Now what this threshold will be is still yet to be announced but it’s good that Steel City Interactive has balanced this feature as you’ll be able to return to normal/loose footwork through regular stamina regeneration and by looking after your punch output through intelligent fighting. Overall, this is a welcome feature and should cut down on some of the punch spamming that plagues online fights.

We broke down what’s coming to Career Mode earlier this week. Make sure to give it a read and we’ll see you in the ring on Monday.