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At its heart, Type Soul is a game all about building a character for battle. To truly excel at this, you’ll need to master the complex Type Soul Skill Trees. Read on to learn how to do so.

Type Soul is an in-depth Action RPG on the Roblox platform. Drawing inspiration from the long-running anime series Bleach, it gives you a huge number of options for building your character. Many of these are presented via the Skill Tree system, which can be overwhelming for new players. In this guide, I’ll show you what each Tree can get you, and which you should go for.

You can check out Type Soul via Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Type Soul Items guide and our Type Soul Clan tier list.

Complete Type Soul Skill Trees Guide

In this guide, I’ll go through each of the Skill Trees in Type Soul. I’ll discuss their general power level, and go over the moves each one grants as you level it up.


Hakuda is one of the more powerful Skill Trees in the game. Its Skills focus on stringing together combo attacks on your foes.

Hakuda Skill Tree Skills

  1. Hakuda Style
  2. Duelist’s Dance
  3. Rising Shot
  4. Grand Entrance
  5. Absolute Defense
  6. Whirlwind Step
  7. Pulse
  8. Catching Dragon
  9. Ankle Splitter
  10. Triple Striker
  11. Demonic Embrace
  12. Negation
  13. Panthera Combo
  14. Flying Dragon
  15. Tora Reach

Hakuda Skill Box Skills

  1. Death Flair
  2. Gehenna
  3. Shori


This Skill Tree is built around healing and buffing yourself and allies. It’s ideal for those playing in a party who want to be a support, but not great for those playing solo.

Healing Skill Tree Skills

  1. Medic
  2. Self Heal
  3. High Speed Regeneration
  4. Reiatsu Transfer
  5. Barrier
  6. Revitalize
  7. Medic 2
  8. Selfless Heart
  9. Medic 3
  10. Self Heal 2
  11. Reiatsu Push
  12. Healing Circle
  13. Self Heal 3
  14. Bloody Canvas
  15. Encompass

Healing Skill Box Skills

  1. Amplifier
  2. Discord
  3. Leap


A basic Skill Tree built around sword-based attacks. Not too special to start with, but becomes truly powerful later on with Skill Box Skills.

Kendo Skill Tree Skills

  1. Safeguard
  2. Brace
  3. Thrust
  4. Suikawari
  5. Senmaioroshi
  6. Bisection
  7. Rising Swallow
  8. Vertical Down
  9. Split Gate
  10. Overpowering Slash
  11. Delayed Crossings
  12. Pressure Shift
  13. Flower Passage
  14. Mortal Ties

Kendo Skill Box Skills

  1. Crescent Relief
  2. Eviscerate
  3. Sonata Flow


A serious contender for the best Skill Tree in the game. The Speed Skill Tree makes your character incredibly mobile, and gives you the potential for huge, deadly combos.

Speed Skill Tree Skills

  • Flashstep
  • Flash Tension
  • Flashstep Mastery 1
  • Blooming Cut
  • Flash Fakeout
  • Flashstep Mastery 2
  • Sonido Break
  • Flash Cut
  • Phantom Trick
  • Enhanced Steps
  • Mirror Tempo
  • Perfect Flashstep
  • Dropping Fang
  • Waterfall Dance
  • Specter Step

Speed Skill Box Skills

  1. Flash Fang
  2. Ghost Cleave
  3. Strata Strike


Unlike the four Skill Trees covered above, Kido grants different Skills based on your character’s Race. In all cases, these are magical Skills rather than physical, offering a different way to play compared to classic melee.

Hollow Kido Skill Tree Skills

  1. Tri Cero
  2. Cero Burst
  3. Bala Blackout
  4. Cero Infuse
  5. Bala Barrage
  6. Bala Drive
  7. Cero Confinement
  8. Cero Sweep
  9. Bala Gum

Hollow Kido Skill Box Skills

  1. Bala Burner
  2. Cero Fireflies
  3. Hollow Bite

Quincy Kido Skill Tree Skills

  1. Piercing Light
  2. Volley
  3. Wave Shot
  4. Slide
  5. Focal Point
  6. Reishi String
  7. Still Silver
  8. Shadow
  9. Closer
  10. Auto Aim

Quincy Kido Skill Box Skills

  1. Licht Regen

Soul Reaper Kido Skill Tree Skills

  1. Byakurai
  2. Shakkaho
  3. Tenran
  4. Geki
  5. Hinonoa
  6. Rekko
  7. Zangrein
  8. Raikoho
  9. Gaki Pekko
  10. Haien
  11. Tsuzuri Raiden
  12. Rikuiokoro
  13. Fushibi
  14. Itto Kaso
  15. Senju Koten Taiho
  16. Sokatsui
  17. Raiden
  18. Danku
  19. Kurohitsugi

Soul Reaper Kido Skill Box Skills

  1. Goryutenmetsu
  2. Kuyo Shibari
  3. Shinten Raiho