Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide – Vasto Lorde

Image: Builderboy TV

Do you want to become a Hollow in Type Souls and become the most powerful Hollow you can be? Then, our Hollow Progress guide will walk you through the steps required to transform into a powerful Vasto Lorde in Type Soul.

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Type Souls Hollow to Vasto Lorde Guide

Initial Steps:

  1. Character Requirement: Ensure you are playing as a Hollow. In the latest major update to Type Souls, you can now choose Hollow when you are creating your character.
  2. Server Selection: If you are not in Hueco Mundo, open the server tab and select the appropriate server to teleport there. Press HM and select a server.
Type Souls Server Window With HM In A Red Square
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

Hollow Evolution Process


  1. Starting Point: After spawning as a Fishbone, engage in combat with random Hollow NPCs in Hueco Mundo then eat them by pressing B.
    • After a while, you’ll evolve into a Menos.


  1. Stomping Time: As a Menos, you must kill other Hollows using your stomp or your red beam to evolve.
    • After four or something kills, you’ll turn into an Adjuchas.


  1. Mask Crack: As an Adjuchas, you must find and defeat other Adjuchas in Hueco Mundo; in doing so, you may get between one and three Mask Cracks. You need 25 Mask Cracks in total.
    • If you die, however, you will lose 5 Mask Cracks. So try not to die.
Type Souls Mask Cracks
Image: Builderboy TV
  1. Follow the Lines: Once you have 25 Mask Cracks, text and lines will start appearing on your screen. You need to follow these lines, but it may take a while as it’s pretty RNG.
  2. Defeat and Eat: After a time, a Vasto Lorde will spawn, and you need to kill it.
    • If you die, you’ll turn into a Menos.
    • Eat it, and you’ll turn into a Vasto Lorde.

Vasto Lorde Post-Transformation:

  • Players can access new abilities and equipment by successfully evolving into a Vasto Lorde.
  • It’s important to note that there’s currently no further progression for Vasto Lorde characters in the game.