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If it’s a Type Soul Bankai Progression walkthrough you need, then that’s what we’ve got right here! Every step of the process has been included – even the boring parts.

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Type Soul Bankai Progression

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are 4 stages for the Bankai progression. Oh, and you also need to be Elite Grade!

Bankai Stage 1

The grind begins. For the first stage, you need to earn 7 clan wars wins, 13 raid wins in total, or 20 ranked match wins. Soul Society and Hueco Mundo are the best places to go to for this stage, with raids spawning frequently.

Next, you need to Karakura Town and make your way to the farm area. When you spot 2 warehouses next to each other by the road, head to the left one. Walk up the slope to the top floor and talk to the NPC (named V- Unequaled, Unrivaled) that is sitting on the ground. The dialogue that will appear when interacting with this NPC differs depending on how far you are into completing stage 1.

  • 0% Progression
    • “You will never become anything, compared to what I am”
  • 20% Progression
    • “A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere, stop bothering me”
  • 40% Progression
    • “Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic”
  • 60% Progression
    • “Maybe you’re not so bad after all, but I’m still not impressed”
  • 80% Progression
    • “You’re quite unbelievable, you know that?”
  • 100% Progression
    • “Unequaled… unrivalled. Go make me proud, lil bro”

Bankai Stage 2

Right, onto the second stage! Next up, you need to get a total of 15 successful Elite Grips, a Bawabawa or Jidanbo kill, and also 80 Hollow kills. You can either seek out Hollows, specifically NPC Hollows, or do the Karakura Town Division 5 quests. You can also complete the mission quest in Soul Society, which pits you against a selection of Hollows!

Once you’ve done that, you can make your way to Urahara (in Karakura Town). There’s a tunnel on the road that’s located near some houses. Walk through the tunnel and go left until you spot a set of stairs with lamp posts at the top and metal railings. Head up these stairs and talk to the Urahara NPC who is standing by some wooden benches. He’ll ask you if you’re ready, and then you can click the ‘I am’ option to be teleported to a new area.

You’ll spot a ton of swords sticking out of the ground, but you only need to pick up a random one. You’ll know when you’ve picked up the correct sword as it glows, but if you didn’t manage to find it on the first try, you have to keep picking up the swords around the area. Also, picking up the wrong sword will turn the sword you’re holding red and a light trail will be summoned – follow the trail! Once you’ve picked up the first correct one, you must continue to do the same for the next.

Bankai Stage 3

This stage is notoriously annoying. The main gist of it is a battle against your Bankai. This fight is pretty difficult, so don’t worry if you have to repeat it a few times. Try your best to avoid the attacks by moving far away from your Bankai, before unleashing your own moves. Depending on the Bankai, this battle can increase in difficulty, such as the Blood Bankai. When you eventually defeat your Bankai, you’ll unlock it!