Two mobile greats band together and announce team-based RPG Order & Chaos: Guardians

Abandon ye gods as two titans of mobile gaming come together to create a new team-based RPG, called Order & Chaos: Guardians. NetEase Games and Gameloft team up to create a fantasy powerhouse, with a beta set to kick off in a few short days.

Chaos & Order first came to life in 2011 when Gameloft released the original MMORPG for the series, which continued to garner critical acclaim until it shut down early last year. It did spawn a sequel, however, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption, in 2015 which is still going strong. Now, Guardians is taking the series in a new direction.

Players will be let loose in the fantastical world of Arkland, and have the job of putting together adventuring parties of fanatically fireballing mages, hectic head-shotting rangers, hardy headbutting warriors, and more. Each of the nine races has its own basic attributes, leaving it up to you to find the best combos to recruit.

Fans of the series will no doubt recognise races such as the draconic Kratan, and mischievous Mendel. You will need to ensure that you place your party according to their strengths and weaknesses, otherwise, you will find your formation crumbling and your party overrun in the blink of an eye.

You won’t have to face the terror alone, as Guardians will have a prominently featured social aspect, complete with cross-server guilds. Bring your friends along for the ride, or forge lasting relationships as you share resources, or head to the frontlines together and take on mighty Guild v Guild battles. Or, if people aren’t your style, simply avail yourself of the game’s pet system so you never adventure alone.

Order & Chaos: Guardians will be launching on the App Store and Google Play later this year, with an Android beta set to start January 24th. If you fancy heading into the world of Arkland early, then pre-registrations are open now.