Tucker Highlights Texas AG’s Defiance and Trucker Convoy Coming to Help Defend the State – RedState

We’ve been covering the battle going on right now between Texas and Joe Biden. 

Biden not only doesn’t want to enforce the law and keep illegal aliens out, he wants to stop Texas from doing the job he’s supposed to be doing — defending their state from invasion. Now Texas is using that term specifically because they’re referencing Article IV, Section 4 to add to their argument against Biden. 

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

Not like they need more. The latest numbers of illegal aliens coming in, in just the last month shows how true that description is, as my colleague Mike Miller explained.

A stunning 371,036 illegals were caught entering the country,  breaking the previous record of 341,392 set in August 2023. Encounters along the Southwest border also set a new record, hitting 302,034, per other data released by CBP on Jan. 26. 

And we’re not even talking about gotaways. 

Plus they’re not really vetting them, and some of the people coming in are on the terrorist watchlist. Indeed, even the FBI has expressed concern about the threat, Fox reporter Bill Melugin reported. 

Melugin noted these numbers have been known for some time, but they waited until a Friday–with big news about the Trump defamation case decision–to release them, hoping no one would see them. 

But because of Biden’s own folly in his battle with Texas, they’re not just going to be ignored. 

Tucker Carlson spoke with Texas AG Ken Paxton, who was defiant. 

Paxton explained that Biden wasn’t just not enforcing the law, but they were actively “participating with the cartels in bringing people in,” “affirmatively working with bad people to do bad things to the country.” 

Tucker asked if Biden and the feds were breaking the law. 

Paxton responded affirmatively, saying that Biden was not complying with his Constitutional duty, “and he’s making up his own rules as we go.” Paxton said Biden was allowing the cartels “to gain a foothold” in the U.S. because of this, and build up a network across the country to still do this even after Biden is gone. As far as the threat from the Biden administration, Paxton said they were not ordered to take down the defenses they had put up, so he’s not exactly sure what they want. He said they weren’t going to stop doing their duty to defend the state. 

Right now, it appears that Biden, at least for the moment, isn’t taking any moves to federalize the guard or to go into the areas like Shelby Park, which Texas has been occupying to defend the state. 

Tucker then spoke to an organizer behind a trucker convoy, on the way to Texas to help. Dr. Pete Chambers, a retired Army Lt. Colonel. He said the purpose of the convoy was to draw more attention to the problem with “a peaceful assembly.” He explained how the convoy was going to leave Virginia Beach, Virginia, and then outlined the route on the way to Texas. Chambers said he used to be in the unit that is now holding the line in Texas at Eagle Pass. He said he took care of the soldiers there as a doctor. The convoy is starting on Monday. 

Now, this is a great thing, showing the care that people have for the nation, and how they are willing to stand up for the country when the federal government fails to do its job. But you can expect the Biden team to paint this group as evil and somehow insurrection-y, even if they are completely peaceful. I hope they are accounting for the possibility of federal informants/inciters. 


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