February 3, 2023

Trombone Champ is an effective joke. I performed it as soon as, chuckled together with its simulated tooting, and have not felt any compulsion to return.

I’ll click on on any Trombone Champ video I come throughout on-line, nonetheless. Armed with some community-made modding instruments, inventive gamers have added customized songs to the sport, with customized fashions and backgrounds. At their greatest, these movies flip a great joke into an entire comedy sketch. And the particular person making them at their greatest is Gloomhonk.

This publish is now only a sequence of briefly described YouTube embeds. To start out with, here is Gloomhonk’s tackle Do not Cease Believin’, starring a guitarist who grows more and more enraged that his solos have been stolen by the trombonist:

This is 2017 world peace anthem Massive Sufficient, the refrain for which works on trombone at the least in addition to it does when screamed by an ageing cowboy:

This is Chariots Of Fireplace set inside a trombone-themed fitness center with motivational slogans encouraging you to “practice like a champ” and “solely accept perfecto”:

It is not sophisticated however the intro to this Preliminary D homage is pitch excellent:

Lastly, here is Liz Truss’s resignation speech:

There’s extra to look at over on Gloomhonk’s channel, though none are as fancy as these above. When you’re hungry for extra drama behind your tromboning, this tradition Ultimate Fantasy 7 observe may nonetheless be the best.

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