Trojuhelnicky is an arcade shooter full of visually stunning geometric structures

Trojuhelnicky is an enthralling geometric puzzler by Inputwish, which delves into the concepts of suprematism and constructivism. It takes place in a visually striking world full of vibrant triangles and other colourful shapes that converge to form unique patterns. Each structure plays a unique role in the persistent assault of enemies.

Trojuhelnicky draws a lot of inspiration from Galaga as it brings back the iconic 1D control scheme that fans have loved over the years. It adds a touch of familiarity as players progress through the various levels. Players will be involved in dodging, weaving, and firing at hordes of opponents to eliminate them, just like in the classic arcade era.

The game features combat that is fast enough to ensure players feel an adrenaline rush. Every shot is crucial and each manoeuvre can determine the outcome of the match. It is not a very long game, with nine levels to beat in order to reach the end. Each will push your boundaries of reflexes and strategic thinking.

It is crucial to act on your feet as levels are just 25 seconds long. This means that everything will happen really fast and players will have to try hard to keep up. The only way to surpass the short, yet unforgiving levels is to have insanely good aim and to think quickly.

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Trojuhelnicky is a passion project crafted by a developer who shares the same love for classical shooters. The game is a perfect combination of the artistic beauty of geometric structures and relentless and intense action.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, download Trojuhelnicky now on the App Store by clicking on the link below. It is a premium title costing $3.99 or your regional equivalent. It is also available on Mac. Unfortunately, there’s no word on an Android version at the moment.

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