Tower of God: New World brings SSR Ren and SSR Rak in its latest update

  • Two new characters, SSR Ren and SSR Rak join the fray
  • Anaak’s Red Forget-Me-Not storyline will also be released with this update

Following its previous half-year anniversary update, Netmarble has just released the latest patch for Tower of God: New World. This time, two more characters are joining the collectible card RPG alongside a new storyline as well as some other fun events.

The first teammate to join Tower of God: New World’s roster is SSR+ [Punisher] Ren. A member of the Zahard Royal Enforcement Division, Unit 67, Ren is a Green element, Mage, and Anima. The Wave Controller and Anima have made this ranker quite the prodigy, with the only disadvantage being that he is unable to control his wild tendencies.

Next up is SSR [Compressed] Rak, who is a Yellow element, Ranged, and Spear Bearer. His tiny size can be explained by an incident that involves a tenuous fight with Hansung Yu on Evankhell’s Floor. He has now shrunk down to the size of a large dog. With a size that matches his cute personality, it seems like Rak’s charm has also doubled.

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These two characters are accompanied by a set of events that will run until February 15th. The one to look out for is Anaak’s Red Forget-Me-Not story event which allows players to experience a special story populated by free stages. As players complete levels, they will be given multiple rewards such as Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Teammate Soulstone, and Red Forget-Me-Not Tickets.

It continues with an Event Exchange Shop that offers even more rewards like SSR Compressed Rak, Red Forget-Me-Not Tickets and Growth Resources and a check-in event featuring Compressed Rak Hot Deal Summon Tickets, Normal Summon Tickets, Suspendium and more over 14 days.

Finally, players can participate in the Khun Khun Arcade Mini-game with New Year-themed quests. Expect to win loads of Normal Summon Tickets on clearing all missions.

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