Tower of Fantasy Reveals New Simulacrum Yan Miao for Upcoming 3.5 Update

Tower of Fantasy developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite have unveiled a brand new simulacrum coming to the game as part of its upcoming 3.5 update.

Yan Miao is, according to the two studios, the overseer of the Department of Yuheng, a position she’s inheriting from its former holder Nan Yin. She’s coming to the game on December 21st.

Given the direction Nan Yin has taken, the Department of Yuheng has come under criticism, and Yan Miao has personally shouldered a lot of that criticism, but she’s not letting it get her down.

It’s not just Yan Miao heading your way in Tower of Fantasy version 3.5.

As well as Yan Miao, the forthcoming Tower of Fantasy 3.5 update will also bring Brevey, another new simulacrum who’s joining the game on January 9th.

Brevey is, according to Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, an engineer with “considerable authority in Hykros District 9”. 

Due to her “impressive skills”, she’s been handpicked to help Domain 9 with the problems that ail it. Go you, Brevey.

This is all arriving in addition to special limited-time events known as the Winter Festival, which will include attending a special party, collecting unique rewards, and participating in “winter-themed challenges”. Sounds fun, right?

Tower of Fantasy version 3.5 arrives on December 21st, and the new simulacrum Yan Miao will also debut on that date.

The new update follows on from version 3.4, which was released in November and which allowed you to explore the Forbidden County to take on new enemies and bosses.

Yan Miao continues a tradition of new simulacrums arriving alongside updates; previously released additional simulacrums include Huang, Ming Jing, and Yu Lan.

If you’re wondering what Tower of Fantasy is, it’s a gacha action RPG that takes place in a shared world where players can team up to complete quests and take on enemies.

It’s not a million miles away from Genshin Impact, although it arguably places more of an emphasis on multiplayer gameplay than HoYoverse’s game does.

Tower of Fantasy is available right now on PC, mobile devices, and PlayStation systems.