Total War Devs Seek Redemption with Free Major Warhammer 3 Update And More

The Total War studio Creative Assembly has gone above and beyond to make things up to players. The centerpiece of this effort is a major update for Total War: Warhammer 3’s Shadows of Change DLC, aiming to address player concerns and significantly expand its content.

According to their blog post, the free update is Scheduled for February 2024. It will substantially add to Shadows of Change, addressing the criticisms that met its initial release. The specific details are still under wraps, but Creative Assembly promises a significant refresh, ensuring that future players entering the DLC experience its full potential.

This commitment to improvement extends beyond Shadows of Change. The Thrones of Decay DLC, initially slated for Winter 2023, has been delayed to April 2024 with the goal of further development and content refinement. Creative Assembly wants to avoid repeating past mistakes and deliver a DLC that will be well received.

Beyond individual DLCs, the studio pledges a more consistent cadence of content and updates for Warhammer 3. They are targeting a release roughly every two weeks throughout 2024. They also want to address issues swiftly, iterate on features based on community feedback, and keep players engaged with a steady stream of new content.

What’s remarkable is that this transparency extends to the development process itself. Creative Assembly plans to involve players more directly, showcasing behind-the-scenes work and providing developers a platform to engage with the community.

They convinced me because this is the first time I’ve seen a developer go this far out of their way to make things up to their player base. They not only promise huge free updates but acknowledge that they went wrong. This message marks a clear step towards reconciliation with the community, and I’m all for it.

That’s only part of it; if you want to hear about what Total War: Pharaoh owners are getting, we’ve got everything you need to know here.