Top Troops tier list and a reroll guide

S-Tier heroes are the best, offering the most significant advantages. You should try and get them by rerolling, although they’re not as easy to obtain early on. However, once you get them, you’ll know exactly whom to focus on.

S-Tier heroes for Adventure Mode/PvP

He is almost unkillable in all game modes thanks to his solid base damage and self-healing. However, it’s his infinite scaling damage mechanism that makes him OP, with every kill boosting him to a crazy level.

When placed on the top front line, he’s also very useful against the Ice Spider Boss.

One of the best mages in Top Troops, boasting a strong AoE burn effect and a skill that triggers every six seconds to counter the closest enemy unit by 300% of it’s regular damage to it.

Every six seconds, Explorabbit will hide underground and plant two eggs around him, which deal AoE damage to enemy units; his invisibility and critical chance boost make him an excellent assassin unit.

As a ranged unit, Fire Slasher excels at dealing burn damage from afar by sending waves of fire that affect every unit it comes into contact with.

Undoubtedly one of the best support units in Top Troops, with him around, you will get a 50% damage boost (that will be doubled if there’s at least one burnt enemy), a permanent area that increases ally defence by 30% and his regular attack spawns an area that burns enemies for three seconds.

An incredible Single target damage dealer and blessed with high health scaling, she’s a significant threat to the enemy front lines. She’s also called the Guild Boss Slayer.

An OP support unit that can grant the effect of Rage to the whole front line and even, in some cases, to a part of the backline after a few skill level-ups.

She has a nice amount of health, which proves to be a handful as she provides an AoE healing effect of 7% of her own HP.

It should be placed behind the front line to provide an absurd amount of healing. Verleaf is one of the most robust Epic units and can be used in every game mode.

If anything, we classified this unit as S thanks to its massive five-second stun in a chosen enemy spot with the possibility to push the backline closer to the frontline.

A great healer, which should be placed between your front line and back line, this unit excels at healing tanks.

A great tanky unit with good CC and melee damage, they reflect some damage to melee attackers, making them a great counter, especially when paired with units that buff defence or block chance.

This unit grants AoE defence buffs after levelling up the skill a few times, which helps your frontline survive longer.

It is a high HP unit that serves as a sturdy tank even though it has no built-in defence skills. It has a block chance buff that could change the tide of the battle. Furthermore, if it’s surrounded by many allies, it will block 10% of all incoming attacks.

An excellent support unit that excels against strong backline teams. It can block their projectiles and sometimes fire them back. Its healing can be powerful if you can proc these skills many times.

S-Tier heroes for guild bosses

  • Werewolf
  • Ember Elemental
  • Fire Slasher
  • Inferno Shredder
  • Oni Warrior
  • Battle Drummer
  • Ose: excellent stun immunity.
  • Ymir: intense continuous damage against guild boss.
  • Dwarf Engineer: A good unit that excels the longer the battle lasts.