Top 5 Beginner Classes To Play in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs, and there’s a ton of content to consume if you’re diving into the game.

However, one of the first pieces of material you’ll need to figure out is the class you’re going to play, and there are some easier ones that beginners should check out, which we’re going to go over below.

World of Warcraft: Top 5 Beginner Classes

WoW is one of the longest-standing MMORPGs we have today, with nearly 20 years of content for players to sink their teeth into, including all of the classes and specializations.

Some of these, such as Arcane Mage, are proven to be the highest skill gap for new players, as their rotation once you hit max level is currently around 10 or so spells, all dependent on timings and whatnot.

However, some classes within the game are exponentially easier to use than others. Below, we’ve ranked the easiest classes to get into to help you get started. One disclaimer before we dive in: when we say easiest or best for beginners, we mean at the base level when you hit the max level. Of course, some classes will become more complex when getting into certain talents and whatnot, but these should be the best at the base.

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Havoc Demon Hunter

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Introduced back in Legion, Havoc DH has become one of the most sought-after melee specs in each tier, and players have flocked towards the class more so due to its ease of entry alongside the lore.

Demon Hunters have primarily relied on fast movement, combined with uber capitalizing on your Metamorphis window, and it’s a blast to play. Having played the class since it was introduced in Legion and having pushed Cutting Edge to most tiers, I know the class is complex at the end of the day, but the baseline is a stable beginner class.

There are also enough build guides out there for players to check out to see which playstyle they prefer. But no matter and hucking your glaives around is a pretty neat feature of the class.

Beast Mastery Hunter

21269 Beast Mastery Hunter In Shadowlands Dps Strengths Best Covenants Soulbinds And
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Widely regarded as the easiest DPS spec in the game for the last couple of DLCs has been Beast Mastery Hunter, and the iconic class has a lot to love, while being great for beginners.

The class allows players to have two pets fight alongside them, which can be great for players diving into WoW for the first time. You’ll be able to level throughout the game and check out all the content there is, including the wildlife you’ll be able to tame.

Getting down to the actual class itself, Beast Mastery Hunter primarily relies on eight or so main buttons, with a heavy reliance on Kill Command and Barbed Shot. These two talents will be the main focus of the class, and you’ll see your damage top the leaderboard with just two clicks.

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Arms or Furrior Warrior

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While we could’ve put Devastation Evoker or even Retribution Paladin for the final DPS spot on our list, we thought having a Warrior class on this list would appease some players, as we love all the classes.

While the spec in end-game has been through some turbulent times during Dragonlight, the class is relatively easy to get into, no matter if you’re playing Arms or Fury.

With a major emphasis on hacking and slashing your opponent throughout combat, there’s a lot of positivity around the class going forward, especially towards The War Within.

Healer – Restoration Shaman

Classes Shaman Restoration
Image: Blizzard Enterainment

If you’re in the market for healing within World of Warcraft, the consensus is to stick with the Restoration Shaman class until you get your bearings to try out others, such as Mistweaver Monk.

Shamans are excellent healers who rely on totems and the elements to keep players healthy during combat and have incredible utility, such as Ghost Wolf and Reincarnation.

While healing can be a bit challenging, especially with some of the expectations that some players have for healers in groups, this class should give players a solid baseline to follow throughout their journey in WoW.

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Tank – Guardian Druid

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Lastly, we have tanking, which is undoubtedly the hardest spec for players new to WoW to dive into right away, but it can be gratifying once you get into it fully.

Guardian Druid is widely considered the easiest tank for players to try and will give you a solid baseline of what to expect from other tanks, such as Blood Death Knight and Brewmaster Monk.

However, being able to pull all enemies throughout the dungeon and being the main focal point of a raid is a stellar feeling, and we’d love to see how new players react to tanking in Dragonflight.

Overall, most of these classes will give players a good understanding of the three main roles within World of Warcraft, and we’d love to hear how your adventure goes in Azeroth.

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