Top 10 Racing Games of 2023

There was a wide, solid spread of games to enjoy in 2023, with fans of practically every genre being treated to excellent new experiences. In that deluge of games, we got to enjoy a healthy amount of new racers as well, from sims to arcade experience to everything in between, and here, we’re going to talk about the ones that stood out as our favourites of the year.


Owing to its very nature as a hardcore superbike racing sim, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 is not, like its predecessors, a game with widespread appeal, but for fans of the sport and racing sims in general, there’s a lot to love here. Its rough production values, lack of variety in content, and less-than-stellar visuals do leave a little something to be desired, but with incredible physics and driving mechanics, a rewarding sense of challenge, and incredible sense of speed, TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 has an excellent foundation.


Milestone has a grip on the bike racing simulation genre in a way no other developer in the industry does, and Monster Energy Supercross 6 was yet another feather in the developer’s cap in 2023. From significant improvements to the physics and handling systems to an impressive level of polish and attention to detail, from a solid selection of new and returning modes to a much stronger balance between authentic simulation and accessible fun, Monster Energy Supercross 6 is a promising glimpse of how the series can continue to improve with future instalments.

#8. MOTOGP 23

motogp 23

MotoGP 23 is a perfect example of how a game can benefit from a bevy of iterative improvements as much as it can from a smaller number of radical revolutions. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, it builds on its predecessors’ foundations by making notable improvements across the board, from the new Career mode to the introduction of more newcomer-friendly mechanics, while continuing to exhibit the same authenticity and love for bikes that Milestone’s games are so often associated with.


LEGO 2K Drive_23

Mario Kart-inspired open world arcade racer making use of the Lego license? With an elevator pitch like that, any game is bound to turn its fair share of heads, and LEGO 2K Drive mostly makes good on its promises. Though it can feel a bit shallow and repetitive, the underlying systems and design deserve credit. Maps are colourful and tightly designed, driving mechanics are tight and strike a nice balance between skill and accessibility, and vehicle building and customization in particular can offer up hours upon hours of enjoyment. It may not have been a revelation, but LEGO 2K Drive is a solid enough racer than genre fans of all ages can enjoy.

#6. RIDE 5

ride 5

Yep, another Milestone-developed bike racing sim, and easily the one that impressed us most this year. The RIDE franchise has continued to push the envelope with its visuals, authenticity, and technical achievements with each new instalment, and RIDE 5 didn’t disappoint on that front either. On top of that, with notable improvements to the Career mode, the addition of new elements like Rivals and your very own HQ, the introduction of dynamic weather, a new Race Creator option, and a continued push for accessibility and approachability, RIDE 5 once again proves why Milestone’s franchise is the undisputed king of bike racing sims.


The Crew Motorfest_03

After two instalments in the mainland United States, with The Crew Motorfest, Ubisoft’s open world racing franchise took players to the island of Oahu, and it turned out to be absolutely the right decision. Courtesy of a much more varied, vibrant, and colourful world that is teeming with gorgeous vistas to take in, The Crew Motorfest benefits from excellent festive vibes that make it a much more engaging experience, while a smart, new structure for the main content and improvements to the driving mechanics also make for more enjoyable racing mechanics. It might not be the competitor to Forza Horizon’s throne that it was perhaps being positioned as, but it’s still a hell of a racer that fans of the genre will enjoy.

#4. F1 23

f1 23

Codemasters’ annual F1 franchise has been one of the best racing sim experiences around for a long time now, and 2023’s instalment was another predictably excellent one. With its loot-driven F1 World experience, F1 23 offers a different flavour of content than most of its predecessors have been known for, while the return of F1 21’s story mode, Braking Point, also proves to be a triumphant one. That, combined with improvements to the underlying driving mechanics made for an excellent all-around package, even if the game does still feel a bit stagnant where its visuals and Career mode are concerned.


ea sports wrc

The WRC license switched lanes to Codemasters and EA Sports this year, and the former leveraged its expertise with rally racing simulators to deliver another excellent outing for the licensed series. EA Sports WRC captures the adrenaline-fueled thrill of rally racing better than most other games have managed in the past, while it also offers a smattering of contents across its many modes, tracks, vehicles, and more. Admittedly, the experience can be dragged down at times by issues such as bugs and a few modes that feel a little undercooked, but by and large, EA Sports WRC has laid down an excellent foundation for Codemasters to build on with future instalments in the years to come.


hot wheels unleashed 2 turbocharged

The fourth Milestone-developed game to earn a place on this list, and without a shadow of doubt, the best of the lot. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged is an excellent evolution of its already solid predecessor. That sense of speed and arcadey thrill that the first game boasted is not only present and accounted for here, but shining brighter than ever before, while also touting stunning visuals, incredible track design, a vast array of customization options, and new driving and movement options like jumps, dashes, and more. Ultimately, it’s an iterative improvement rather than a radical one, and the single player offerings do leave a little something to be desired, but the final product is one that improves on the first game in some key ways.


forza motorsport

The Forza Motorsport franchise had been dormant for longer than most would have expected, but in 2023, it finally made its comeback with what was billed as a reboot. Whether or not it turned out to be the undisputed king of racing sims might still be up for debate, thanks in large part to a divisive new structure for its campaign, but there’s so much else here that we can’t help but be impressed with. New weather effects, a healthy offering of content (especially in the multiplayer department), stunning visuals and attention to detail of the sort that only this franchise can manage, crucial improvements and tweaks to the moment-to-moment mechanics- the list goes on and on. Even though it doesn’t hit the highs that many of its predecessors are remembered for, Forza Motorsport is still a triumphant return for Turn 10’s long-running franchise.