September 28, 2023

Toilet Tower Defense has recently released its EP 60 update, making several adjustments and additions to its gameplay elements. Among the most notable is the introduction of a dedicated Trade Plaza, which can host up to 100 players for trading activities. Players can access this plaza through a portal situated to the right of the area where units are summoned. If they add freebies again, you can find them on our Toilet Tower Defense Codes pages.

Accompanying this addition is the roll-out of a new in-game currency: gems. Currently, these gems are available only for purchase in the game’s shop, although plans to implement other features that award gems are underway.

Another significant feature added in this update is the Spider Crate, purchasable with the new gem currency. The crate contains three distinct types of spider units, each with its own capabilities. The Spider Speaker offers area of effect (AOE) damage at a low cost and is inexpensive to upgrade. On the other hand, the Spider Camera unit provides high damage per second (DPS). Last but not least, the Spider TV unit brings strong AOE capabilities; although it is expensive to upgrade, it offers considerable efficiency for its price. These spider units boast the ability to move within a large range, marking them as a distinct type of unit in the game.

In terms of adjustments to existing units, the update has fortified the Laser UFO Toilet, which now features enhanced health and a significantly stronger laser attack. This improved version of the UFO Toilet appears in the later waves of the game’s Toilet HQ level. Similarly, the Claw Toilet has been introduced into later waves of Toilet HQ, equipped with two claws for stunning units and an additional blade for extended stunning capabilities.

Rounding off the update is a new final boss for Toilet HQ: Scientist Toilet. Touted as the strongest toilet in the game, Scientist Toilet also holds the distinction of being the first toilet unit to offer area of effect stunning capabilities.

Moreover, the update has added a quality of life improvement where players can now open up to 10 crates at once, streamlining the crate-opening process for players.

Here’s the full list of changes from the Discord:

You can now teleport to a plaza meant for trading – with an 100 player limit!
The portal is located to the right of the summon units area!

There is now a new currency! Right now it’s only available in the shop, but more features to award gems will be added soon!

The new crate, which can be bought for gems, has 3 new spider units!
Spider units are able to walk around inside of a large range – making them a new and unique type of unit!
📢 Spider Speaker – Cheap AOE, and cheap to upgrade
📷 Spider Camera – High DPS
📺 Spider TV – Strong AOE, expensive to upgrade, but VERY efficient for the price

🛸 Laser UFO Toilet
The UFO Toilet now has a stronger version – with a little more health and a much stronger laser!
This appears on Toilet HQ’s later waves.

📠 Claw Toilet
Claw Toilet also spawns on later waves of Toilet HQ!
He has two claws, which he uses to stun a unit, but also a blade which he can use to stun even more units!

🧪 Scientist Toilet
The new final boss of Toilet HQ – Scientist Toilet!
He is the strongest toilet in the game, and the first toilet to stun with AOE… good luck!

📦 You can now open 10 crates at once.

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