This Palworld player is better than you and she doesn’t use her hands

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Palworld is an incredible open-world survival game that you can play in a myriad of ways. You can either be ruthless with your Pals, or you can be kind, gentle, and nice. However, regardless of the style of play you follow, you are using a controller unlike this incredible Twitch streamer who is beating Palworld using ‘mind control’.

Pocketpair’s survival epic is part of Game Pass January 2024 and, whether you are joining the adventure anew or have already become a grizzled veteran in just over a week, there are 20 game-changing tricks and secrets shared by the community that you should follow to greatly improve your experience. The title is still in early access only, and this means it is bound to get bigger and better with continuous updates as evidenced in the roadmap promising more Pals, bosses, and islands for the future.

The Pokémon with guns epic has taken over the gaming world thanks to a huge playercount along with dozens of Twitch streamers showcasing its magnificence. While there is no shortage of streams to watch, none of them are comparable to this streamer who is playing Palworld using just her brain.

Twitch streamer plays Palworld using mind control

Twitch streamer Perrikaryal is able to play Palworld using ‘mind control’. Without using a controller in her hands, she is able to attack, jump, and catch Pals through inputs controlled by her brain. She is also able to build and craft meaning she can practically perform all of the game’s core features.

As for how it works, the streamer uses an EEG device that is programmed to recognize and convert brain functions into gaming controls and inputs. As noted by Jake Lucky on Twitter, ‘Her movement/aiming is done with her head as a gyro and eye tracking software’.

She claims that her EEG device used for Palworld is her most complete mind controller yet due to all the functions it allows her to perform. If you think playing Palworld is impressive, then you should know that she’s also beaten the nefariously difficult Elden Ring using mind control for everything but movement. She’s also performed other incredible feats such as playing Halo using just EEG earbuds.

Make sure to follow Perrikaryal on Twitter and Twitch for more amazing streams. It’s truly wonderful content that needs to be seen, and it’ll be incredible to see what she does next. In other Palworld news, the Pokémon Company has responded to the comparisons, meanwhile, PETA has blasted the game and demanded a Vegan guide.