This OG Fortnite strategy still works in Chapter 5

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There’s plenty of ways to get a Victory Royale in battle royale shooter Fortnite, but whatever your preferred method, it’s good to know that some tactics have stood the test of time and the incredible number of updates the game has had across its six and a half year (and counting) lifespan.

The tactic is known as the Skybase, and it sees a player, towards the final rounds of the battle royale, build upwards instead of out as the storm circles close in. Obviously this tactic serves two purposes – as it gives the player high ground to get the drop on their enemies, as well as an easily defensible position from those in the middle. Over on the Fortnite subreddit, a user by the name of K-boomX94 shows this tactic being used to great effect, as they earn themselves a sweet victory royale.

We join them already mid match, with their platform already far higher than any of the map’s existing buildings or indeed geometry, can reach. Their opponent has built their own fort on the ground, right towards the center of the map. Making it look effortlessly easy, the player continues to build out until their platform is over the hunkered-down opponent, and simply rains down a bunch of Cluster Clingers on top of them, destroying their bunker and earning them an easy victory.

K-boomX94’s efforts impressed the subreddit. “Bro, I haven’t seen someone do a skybase since chapter 1, nice play!” commends MrDitkovichNeedsRent. “You just freaking orbital strike-d that poor dude.” adds TheAlmightyNexus. “Man I might have to start playing builds just to do this!” adds Beautiful-Bad8893. There’s also a few users who are impressed that this is still a viable strategy in 2024. “Skybasing still possible in Chapter 5 after the overall mat holding limit nerf to 500 mats each? Check.” comments TheAngryOreo. “Yeah, those cluster grenades melt enemies and I love it” adds Danny283.

It’s certainly an impressive way to achieve victory in Fortnite, and perhaps more players might look to the strategies of the past to see if it can get them even more victories in the future. Players have been coming up with plenty of other options – such as the Fortnite players using this Predator strategy or indeed, those that used the rift cancel trick a few months ago.