This clever The Finals gadget blows fans away with unknown abilities

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The Finals has plenty of gadgets and gizmos exclusive to each of the three classes in the game: Light, Medium, and Heavy. This gives all of them pros and cons with different playstyles. In Season 2, Embark Studios introduced the Data Reshaper, and many of The Finals fans didn’t realize the extent of its powerful capabilities.

Fans can check out the update 2.4.0 patch notes to see all of the bug fixes and QoL improvements from Embark Studios. In this update, fans believe the developer has possibly teased a new incoming game mode for the next update. Patch 2.4.0 also came out in conjunction with a new community event to win a historic and stylish Hi-Fi Boombox.

The Finals Season 2 has been amazing since day one as it introduced a new map, a fresh 5v5 mode in Powershift, and it also introduced new weapons and gadgets. One of these new gadgets is the Data Reshaper, and it’s capable of way more than you possibly realized.

The Finals Data Reshaper unknown capabilities

Taking to Reddit, user King TeXxx shared a post declaring that the Data Reshaper in The Finals can defuse grenades. This post is accompanied by a short clip showing them defusing a grenade with the Season 2 gadget exclusive to the Medium class.

As for what the Data Reshaper is prominently known for, it is a tool that lets you change enemy mines into chairs or enemy turrets into a table. Furniture is also turned into barrels, and barrels can turned into goo, flammable toxic, explosive, and powder.

In response to the clip on Reddit, many fans were surprised that the Data Reshaper is capable of defusing grenades. One of the top replies exclaims ‘holy s**t, that is big brain,’ meanwhile, another says it’s ‘clever but risky AF’.

Another user said ‘I learn something new every day,’ and another said ‘I didn’t expect it to work that way, but damn that’s cool’. Unbelievably, defusing grenades isn’t the end of the Data Reshaper’s unknown capabilities.

In the replies, a user pointed out that users with the gadget ‘can intercept RPGs as well’. In addition, the community reports that ‘you can also disable gravity grenade, heavies dome shield, sonar and more’.

The only issue with defusing grenades with the Data Reshaper is that you need to be perfect in your timing to avoid it blowing up in your face. As for why defuse it instead of just simply running away, it’s possibly to protect other teammates if they are in the vicinity of the grenade.

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