These Asus Gaming Earbuds Are as Cheap as Ever on Amazon

Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless Gaming Heaphones

$75 $100 Save $25

Those seeking truly wireless earbuds designed for gaming have come to the right place! Asus is currently selling its ROG Cetra gaming earbuds at a 25% discount. Not only are these earbuds great for regular on-to-go music listening, but they are specifically designed to price a great experience for mobile gamers with features like noise-canceling and low-latency connection. Get them now for just $75.

Amazon has a great earbuds deal on the Asus ROG Cetra right now. They’ve slashed 25% off the price, bringing the gaming earbuds down to just $75 from their usual price tag of $99.99. That’s roughly $25 saved, which isn’t too shabby. In fact, it is tied for the lowest price ever on this product on Amazon. Gamers looking to upgrade their on-the-go setup without spending a fortune should definitely consider buying the ROG Cetra earbuds now.

Republic of Gamers, or ROG for short, represents Asus’ recent dedication to the gaming scene. They focus on creating high-quality gear that solely aims to enhance the gaming experiences of various types of gamers. The brand’s range includes everything from high-performance laptops and desktops to specialized gaming accessories and peripherals, like gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, and more.

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What Makes Asus ROG Cetra Great for Gaming

One of the key features of Asus ROG Cetra gaming earbuds is the low-latency wireless audio, which provides a nearly lag-free experience with synchronization between audio and video. While regular music or podcast listening doesn’t require this, having the on-screen action in sync is crucial for gaming, especially with fast-paced and competitive settings. Additionally, the active noise cancellation is a standout feature. It employs what the company calls hybrid ANC to filter out both internal and external noise, letting the user fully immerse themselves in their game without distractions from the outside world.

The ROG Cetra also has an impressive 27-hour battery life, which is made better by quick charge technology. Gamers can enjoy all-day gaming sessions without worrying about frequent charging. Even when charging is required, the earbuds are quickly topped off. Additionally, the convenience of wireless charging for the case makes charging even more convenient. Speaking of convenience, the earbuds feature touch controls for adjustments in the game without fiddling with the settings.

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Asus ROG Cetra also has extensive compatibility, which makes them great for all sorts of platforms. The earbuds support mobile platforms like Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and tablets, as well as PCs, Macs, PlayStation 5, and much more. Thanks to the wide-ranging compatibility, the earbuds are optimal for gamers who like to both game on the go with mobile devices and at home. The Asus ROG Cetra gaming earbuds are currently selling for $75 on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Low-latency wireless audio for perfect audio-video synchronization
  • Hybrid active noise cancelation for more immersive audio
  • Long battery life with quick charging and wireless charging case

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