The Winter Pocket Playfest is Underway – Here Are Our Highlights – Gamezebo

You may remember us mentioning that TapTap launched a Winter Pocket Playfest earlier this month – if not, you can find the article about it right here.

In short though, it’s a massive celebration of indie game making. Launched on December 23rd and running to January 7th, it’s a chance for indie developers to showcase their efforts on the TapTap game discovery platform. 

There are a fair few games we’d recommend checking out as well…almost too many to mention. So here are just five we’d recommend trying.

Giga Bash

A celebration of destruction, this is a multiplayer arena brawler which we loved because of its memorable characters, impressive visuals, and satisfying combat. Being able to play with friends and family is a massive plus over the Holiday period too.

Pesticide Not Required

Exactly the type of light hearted experience we think is perfect for the Pocket Playfest, Pesticide Not Required sees you shooting down endless crops and enemies while crafting game-breaking builds. It’s a bullet heaven, but has enough elements to make this worth investigating for all levels of player. 

Minds Beneath Us

Something very different to the other games here, Minds Beneath Us is a sci-fi thriller with a surprisingly strong focus on story. We don’t want to give too much else away, but we were drawn into this game immediately and it didn’t let go.

Devil Slot Machine

With a name like Devil Slot Machine it’s a bit difficult to know what to fully expect. And it’s that unpredictably that won us over. It’s a roguelike pinball tower defense game, but that doesn’t really help explain things much more in all honesty. We’d strongly recommend trying this one out and seeing for yourself what we’re finding hard to explain here.

Heaven Dust 2

Seemingly a fairly straightforward survival horror game involving zombies, Heaven Dust 2 adds some welcome wrinkles to the expected formula. This includes some pretty clever puzzles and an interesting resource management element. 

To play these games and many more just visit the link here – or better still just download the TapTap app via the App Store, Play Store, or from the official website.