The Wife Scorned Fires Back at Fani Willis, and She Drops Some Devastating Evidence – RedState

The saga of Fulton County DA Fani Willis keeps heating up. 

I wrote about how Willis finally spoke about the alleged inappropriate relationship with a special proscecutor Nathan Wade who she had appointed to prosecute former President Donald Trump. She delivered remarks at a church that were something else — she didn’t deny the allegations and she admitted she was “imperfect,” she did try to blame racism for them. 

Not only is she facing that issue, but she was also facing a battle with Wade’s wife. 

As we reported, Wade’s wife subpoenaed her to appear for a deposition in the divorce hearing between the couple. In response, Willis filed a motion to quash the subpoena, claiming that the wife scorned was somehow harassing her. She also claimed since the marriage being irretrievably broken wasn’t disputed the issue was settled, and therefore there were no facts to get from her in a deposition. 

Willis even unbelievably claimed that Jocelyn Wade was somehow colluding with the parties in the election interference case. Just for an additional dig, Willis also claimed Jocelyn Wade had previously been unfaithful to her husband with her own affair. 


But the wife wasn’t taking that lying down and she responded with a bit of fire of her own. 

As Ed Morrisey noted at our sister site Hot Air, Willis made a “big mistake.” Jocelyn Wade had receipts and she wasn’t afraid to drop them. 

Bank records show that special prosecutor Nathan Wade purchased airline tickets in his and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ name for trips to San Francisco and Miami, according to a court motion filed Friday.

The filing was made on behalf of Joycelyn Wade in her divorce case with Nathan Wade in Cobb County Superior Court. Credit card statements in the filing appear to bolster allegations of a romantic relationship between Nathan Wade and Willis. The trips took place in 2022 and 2023, after Willis had hired Wade as special prosecutor in the probe of election subversion by Donald Trump and his allies.

The wife laid it out there. 

Joycelyn Wade’s attorneys attached to the filing records from Nathan Wade’s Capital One bank account. It showed that he purchased $817.80 tickets for himself and Willis on April 25, 2023 to fly to San Francisco. Records show subsequent purchases at the DoubleTree hotel in Napa Valley. There were also purchases of $477.21 plane tickets in both their names to Miami on Oct. 5, 2022. Clara Bowman, who is believed to be Wade’s mother, accompanied them, records showed. Accompanying purchases from Royal Caribbean Cruises totaled more than $2,600.

The day after booking flights to Miami and the Royal Carribean cruise, Wade spent approximately $3,800 with Vacation Express, a company that offers vacation packages and tours, the records show.

Jocelyn Wade claims her husband also failed to tell her about the income he was getting as a result of the appointment from Willis. Her attorneys explained they weren’t trying to get the information from her to harass her but to find out how much money he was making and spending on his “paramour” (their term) so they could adequately assess the marital estate and how much the husband should be paying her in spousal support. 

I think Willis is finding out it’s probably not a good idea to try to attack the scorned wife like that making ridiculous accusations of collusion or trying to harass her because it looks like it just came back to bite her.