The Trucks In SnowRunner, Ranked


  • SnowRunner offers over 80 realistic trucks to choose from, making it one of the most challenging single-player games available.
  • The game continues to expand its vehicle lineup with regular updates, including new trucks and DLC content for players to unlock.
  • From heavy off-road trucks to scout vehicles, drivers can customize their rigs with addons, skins, and mods to complete various missions.

SnowRunner continues to roll on as an extremely popular open-world offroad trucking simulator. In recent years, regular seasonal updates have added to the game’s growing list of trucks, which now stands at over 80 vehicles. Many of the vehicles in this lineup resemble authentic trucks that carry valuable resources across the harshest continents. With addons, skins, and mods, drivers can turn their favorite SnowRunner rigs into virtual dream machines.


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As one of the most challenging single-player games on the market, SnowRunner fans often spend hours just trying to complete a simple task. Traversing through the deep mud and snow requires a garage full of scouts and offroad trucks, each with strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for specific missions. Acquiring the necessary trucks to progress is time-consuming, with other useful vehicles only unlocked after purchasing DLC content. The choices below represent the best trucks in SnowRunner to complete even the most difficult contracts.

Updated on April 1st, 2024, by Adam Corsetti: Since this article’s last update, SnowRunner’s Season 12: Public Energy has introduced numerous new trucks to the game. Along with some additional DLC content, the vehicle list is now even more challenging to make sense of. Accordingly, some new trucks worth investing in are included here, along with classic SnowRunner rigs that every new player should own, and some early-game vehicles that will be helpful for players who are just starting out.

20 Azov 73210

The Best Crane In The Game

AZOV 73210

  • AWD and diff lock always on
  • Works with many types of cranes
  • Still some ground clearance issues

One of the first goals of many SnowRunner players is to reach level 20 and unlock the Azov 73210. Among specialized trucks, the Azov 73210 is one of the game’s best options, since it accepts several types of heavy-duty and logging cranes.

The Azov 73210 is easy to control for inexperienced players thanks to its AWD and differential lock that always stays active. The truck also has decent fuel capacity and an engine efficient enough to avoid excessive stops. On the other hand, its front bumper tends to get caught on objects, an issue that was only partially rectified in a previous game update.

19 KHAN Lo4F

Refusing Categorization

KhanLo4F Snowrunner

  • Impressive fuel efficiency
  • Capable exploration vehicle after upgrades
  • Fun visual modifications and accessories

SnowRunner has many weird-looking vehicles, but the KHAN Lo4F may be one of the game’s most useless utility truck vans. The KHAN Lo4F was once a Soviet territory vehicle used for emergency rescues, but it serves an entirely different purpose in SnowRunner.

The KHAN Lo4F comes with an 80-liter fuel capacity and has all-wheel drive. Hence, it’s a highly sturdy vehicle in precarious situations. It’s also exceptionally light at 7,725 lbs, which makes it easy for players to carry it around. As they say, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s what the KHAN Lo4F is all about.

18 Voron Grad

A Truck For Any Task

Voron Grad

  • Fast and fuel-efficient
  • Many tire and suspension options
  • Not the most durable

The Vordon Grad is a lighter off-road truck that is surprisingly versatile. Many all-purpose trucks in SnowRunner tend to be slower, but the Grad is one of the fastest non-scout vehicles to zip around maps with decent payloads.

Another issue with the more agile vehicles is poor fuel capacity, which is why the Grad’s 330-liter tank is so impressive. This truck is also remarkably fuel-efficient, making it an option for longer hauls. The Grad’s well-rounded capabilities are only reduced by incompatibility with many logging add-ons.

17 Kenworth 963

Sometimes Bigger Is Better

Snowrunner Kenworth 963

  • Can turn AWD on and off to handle more terrain types
  • Wide and long shape makes the truck more stable
  • Very versatile among super-heavy trucks

As part of the SnowRunner Season 10 Fix & Connect DLC, the Kenworth 963 is a beast of a truck that’s useful well beyond its initial fuel scout-carrying mission. Ironically, the origins of this super-heavy truck date back to the giant Middle East oil industry, where it often drove through harsh desert environments. The Kenworth 963 can also handle mud, snow, and the steepest inclines, as a testament to its versatility and incredible raw power.


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SnowRunner players will find many uses for the Kenworth 963, including its ability to carry all types of logs. Drivers who have nightmares about tipping over far from any garage will appreciate the stability that the truck’s wide frame provides. However, the Kenworth 963 may need to use the fuel this vehicle often carries since, like many larger trucks, it burns fuel at a high rate.

16 Rezvani Hercules

A Seriously Powerful Scout

Rezvani Hercules

  • Generous fuel capacity allows it to travel great distances
  • Outstanding for quick repair missions
  • Extremely potent motor to navigate any terrain

The Rezvani Hercules is one of the more unique SnowRunner scouts available as a separate paid DLC. This 6×6 pickup truck is essentially an elongated Jeep Wrangler with a dazzling green, white, and orange color scheme. The Hercules’ more interesting features are its working light bar and a horn that sounds like a patrol vehicle.


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This scout pickup truck excels on rugged terrain and benefits from some impressive suspension travel. Its 80-gallon fuel capacity, ability to carry plenty of supplies, and solid construction make it one of the best trucks in SnowRunner for scouting accessible roadways and paths. However, the Rezvani Hercules tends to sink in the mud even with appropriate tires.

15 Western Star 6900 TwinSteer

Massively Multi-Talented

Western Star 6900 Twinstar

  • Long wheelbase maintains traction
  • Unlockable for free in first region
  • Consumes fuel rapidly

Sometimes, jobs in SnowRunner require a large, heavy truck that can traverse the harshest terrain. The Western Star 6900 TwinSteer is modeled after a real-life American big-rig truck currently active in the oil industry. Exeptionally long, the truck has dual axles, and its length enables players to more quickly reach secure footing.

The best part of the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer may be that it’s obtainable for free in the first Michigan region. However, it’s not without a few downsides, like poor fuel efficiency and being surprisingly susceptible to damage when colliding with rocks.

14 Derry Special 15C-177

Never Go Thirsty Again

Derry Special 15C-177

  • Engine has tremendous torque
  • Can also carry logs
  • Easy to unlock but has a high purchase price

The Derry Special 15C-177 was a necessary addition to the 9th season of SnowRunner to transport water around a Canadian province decimated by fires. Although its ability to carry a water tank is not unique, its usefulness doesn’t end there. The versatile Derry Special 15C-177 is one of the best trucks in SnowRunner, compatible with a bevy of cranes and trailers.

Players who hate jumping through hoops will enjoy the Derry Special 15C-177, which is easy to unlock and allows gamers to instantly become firefighters. Once acquired, it may become a favorite truck for many SnowRunner players, since it offers some of the game’s highest engine torque and a generous fuel capacity. Sadly, despite its power, it’s also quite slow, so it’s not the ideal choice for completing contracts quickly.

13 Pacific P16

A Slow But Steady Standout

Pacific P16 Snowrunner

  • Useful early-game vehicle
  • Able to traverse any muddy terrain
  • In congested areas, it can easily tip over

The Pacific P16 is a heavy-duty logging truck that weighs over 55,115 lbs. It’s a behemoth of a vehicle with a whopping ten meters in length and close to four meters in width. This mountain of a machine is a Canadian truck that originally came from the 90s and has a 14-liter V12 engine.


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With a 300L fuel capacity, this truck specializes in crossing miles while carrying some of the heaviest cargo in SnowRunner. The only downside to the Pacific P16 is its slow speed and lack of maneuverability, which can irritate some players.

12 YAR 87

Some Crazy Ideas Actually Work

Yar 87

  • Large fuel tank
  • Surprisingly fast scout vehicle
  • Chained tires are available to drive anywhere

The experimental YAR 87 is full of miraculous features that almost every player will find helpful. SnowRunner‘s version of this massive truck is a copy of the real-life Trekol 39294, known for its heavy-duty power. It’s a 110-liter fuel-capacity vehicle with a switchable all-wheel drive built-in.


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Additionally, it features five different gears and weighs a whopping 9,479 lbs. The YAR 87 is an off-road beast that trumps various other trucks in the game. The vehicle also features a 6×6 wheel configuration and a differential lock system, making it an excellent scout truck.

11 TUZ 16 “Actaeon”

Battle Tested For Any Scenario

Tuz 16 Actaeon

  • Light truck with scout-like abilities
  • Small gas tank but very fuel-efficient
  • Autonomous winch compatible to recover from rollovers

The TUZ 16 “Actaeon” is a light-duty truck in SnowRunner’s Search & Recover DLC. Weighing 7,800 lbs, it is quite lightweight, considering its overall dimensions. The truck has a 5.8-meter length and a 2.3-meter width and is great as an off-road vehicle.

The TUZ 16 is the game’s version of the GAZ-66, a 4×4 all-road military vehicle that delivers essential cargo. What makes the TUZ 16 so impressive is its small size and fuel-efficient nature. However, the truck has one major downside: its stiff suspension. Thankfully, once equipped with an autonomous winch, the truck can rescue itself from many accidents.

10 Burlak 6×6

A Scout On Steroids

Snowrunner Burlak 6x6

  • Unusually large tires enable it to tackle any obstacles
  • Can haul large and scout trailers
  • One of the few scouts compatible with the IM50 loading crane

Many missions in the SnowRunner Season 11 Lights & Camera DLC deal with supplying a movie set with vital equipment. It makes sense then that Saber Interactive crossovers into the movie world by debuting a star-worthy scout vehicle like the Burlak 6×6. While this truck can handle any scouting mission, its enormous tires and compatibility with most trailers allow it to take on the role of larger vehicles.

Scout vehicles in SnowRunner are the best way to explore a map before sending fragile cargo into potentially dangerous terrain. Unfortunately, this process can make missions take longer than just using one truck. The Burlak 6×6 can save players valuable time and welcomes add-ons like loading cranes that normally only work with larger vehicles.

9 Voron AE-4380

This Is One Versatile Voron

Voron AE4380

  • Great early-game truck for players who can afford it
  • Impressive top speeds, especially with upgrades
  • Truck sustains damage easily, so drive carefully

When it comes to versatile trucks in SnowRunner, the Voron AE-4380 is one of the most coveted. It’s a military logistics truck that can run on smooth roads and off-road terrain with equal power and speed. While the Voron AE-4380 is an older vehicle from the 70s, its age doesn’t stop it from conquering any task.


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Despite its relatively small dimensions, the Voron carries 250 liters of fuel, which is enough for most jobs in the game. It’s also incredibly easy to use due to its always-on all-wheel drive and differential lock system. However, its high price may be a concern for newer players.

8 Step 39331 “Pike”

It’s A Classic For A Reason

Step 39331 Pike

  • Small but mighty with ample horsepower
  • Can add fuel tank and repair kit for increased range
  • More compatible with add-ons than most smaller trucks

With its origins in the 1960s, the Step 39331 “Pike” is a 6×6 light offroad truck that possesses the maneuverability of a scout. The slim profile of the truck allows it to squeeze through tight openings while being surprisingly powerful with an engine torque of 185,000.


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The Step 39331 “Pike” is unlockable through a mission in the Season 8 Grand Harvest DLC. Once added to a player’s garage, this versatile truck has a rather small fuel tank, remedied by an available repair and supply kit. The Step 39331 “Pike” is exceptionally stable and difficult to tip over, but with no option for snow tires, it’s not a good candidate to master Arctic maps.

7 FEMM 37-AT

Powerful Mass-Cargo Hauler

Snowrunner Femm 37-AT

  • Huge cargo capacity
  • Stable and doesn’t easily tip over
  • Only compatible with high saddle

The Season 12 Public Energy DLC introduced the most powerful heavy-class truck yet, the FEMM 37-AT. After completing the Abandoned Giant contract in the North Carolina region and a salvage mission to recover the truck, the FEMM 37-AT is available for purchase at truck stores.


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Besides its incredible raw power, the FEMM 37-AT’s ability to carry four cargo slots without a trailer makes it an invaluable asset. The truck can plow through the deepest mud and snow, but novice players might struggle with its articulated steering. Regardless, with a heavy and well-balanced frame, players can drive over obstacles without fear of tipping over.

6 Caterpillar 745C

Never Run Out Of Fuel Again

Caterpillar 745C

  • Can be placed strategically on a map as a mobile gas station
  • Unlockable for free in the Mountain River map
  • Very slow and gets caught on obstacles easily

The Caterpillar 745C is truly the caterpillar of in-game trucks, waiting to fly like a butterfly through any terrain. To conquer any challenge, the vehicle has a switchable all-wheel drive and differential lock. The Caterpillar 745C weighs 44,092 lbs and is over ten meters in length.


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The 745C has a 340-liter fuel capacity, making it reliable for long distances with threatening obstacles. It’s also a real-life vehicle, so players can truly feel immersed while driving it in the game.

5 Royal BM17

The King Of Offroading

Royal BM17

  • Unique add-ons make an essential truck for specialized missions
  • A welcomed solution to carrying medium logs
  • Limited tire selection

The Royal BM17 may be the best Royal truck in SnowRunner, and there are a few good reasons to justify that claim. It’s a military truck, hence the 160,000 Ncm torque, a game-changer for anyone looking for a good off-road vehicle. Second, the Royal BM17 has features such as a seismic vibrator and metal detector, which makes it one of the most versatile off-road trucks in the game.

While it’s an ordinary-looking truck, players shouldn’t be deceived by its looks. The Royal BM17 is one of the largest and fastest-moving trucks in the game, easily reaching 60 miles per hour.

4 Tayga 6455B

A Truck Worthy Of Logging Miles With

Tayga 6455B

  • Essential vehicle for some logging missions
  • Compatible with many add-ons, making it very versatile
  • Differential lock and all-wheel drive allow it to cross any terrain

The Tayga 6455B is another DLC vehicle in the Haul & Hustle expansion pack. This truck is a classic to the series and was previously a part of older games like Spintires and MudRunner. The Tayga 6455B is a 330-liter fuel capacity demon that can cross anything because of its always-on differential lock and all-wheel drive.

This vehicle is a 6×6 truck inspired by the real-life KrAZ 255. It can carry logs and cars and supports multiple attachments, making it a multipurpose vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s a late-game unlock, so players must be patient to acquire it.

3 ANK Mk38 Civilian

Accessible Military-Grade Truck

ANK MK38 Civilian

  • Flies across maps with a blazing-fast top-speed
  • Helpful for many different tasks
  • Can take a pounding without needing repairs

The ANK Mk38 Civilian is a revised version of a military vehicle also available in SnowRunner. Although it requires the Season 6 update, this truck is available to players of any level. Many newcomers find this off-road truck essential, as it can climb steep hills and mountains. Drivers can attach a fuel tank or van body to the vehicle. In fact, it’s compatible with most trailers and upgrade options in the game.


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Unfortunately, the ANK Mk38 Civilian has downsides that cause some players to search for mods instantly. Even though it has a small fuel tank and is not the most stable off-road truck, its versatility and ability to explore almost any region of a map rank it among the best trucks in SnowRunner.

2 DAN 96320

Make This DAN Part Of Any SnowRunner Plan

Dan 96320

  • Able to haul any sized cargo or trailer
  • Fairly fuel efficient for a powerful truck
  • Wide profiles make it resistant to tipping over

The DAN 96320 is a true snow running truck with very few cons. It’s a Russian projectile vehicle that can handle the heaviest cargo, has a 350-liter fuel capacity, and an always-on all-wheel drive and differential-lock system.


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It’s a huge vehicle at over 11 meters in length and is part of the heavy-duty truck class. The DAN 96320 copies from the BAZ 69092, a Russian artillery tractor and missile vehicle that is still operating to this date. The best part of this heavy-duty truck is its lightweight body and ability to add multiple frames.

1 ZiKZ 605R

The Most Essential SnowRunner Truck

Zikz 605R

  • High power-to-weight ratio allows the truck to handle the deepest mud and snow
  • One of the most durable trucks to rely on for the longest missions
  • Suitable for any terrain type without extensive customization

Lastly, the DLC vehicle, the ZiKZ 605R, was a groundbreaking addition to the New Frontiers pack. It’s a marvelous automotive creation with top-notch features and allows players to complete tasks without breaking a sweat or a controller. The ZiKZ 605R is a heavy-duty hybrid truck that offers the reliability of an offroad truck in SnowRunner.

The ZiKZ 605R’s maneuverability on any terrain conquers its rivals, and its 380-liter fuel capacity makes it unbeatable in terms of endurance. With fantastic stability and support for various add-ons, players will hardly want to drive another vehicle after trying the best truck in SnowRunner.



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