The Strongest Characters In Berserk


  • “Berserk” stands out for its compelling story and incredible artwork, making it a fan favorite manga globally.
  • The anime adaptations don’t match the quality of the manga, leaving fans disappointed with the level of entertainment.
  • Despite low-quality adaptations, “Berserk” features monstrously powerful characters who captivate audiences with unique abilities.

Berserk is one of the best, if not the best manga of all time. The manga by the late Kentarou Miura has garnered plaudits for its incredible artwork and compelling story throughout the world. The manga has received anime adaptations, but they don’t offer the same level of entertainment as the manga itself. It is one of the few unfortunate manga that ended up with a low-quality anime adaptation.


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Still, the world of Berserk is filled with some monstrously powerful characters who are capable of giving any strong character a run for their money. It’s these figures that have captivated fans throughout the years. With that in mind, here are the strongest characters in Berserk.

Updated on March 17th, 2024, by Suzail Ahmad: Berserk is mainly famous for its compelling story that portrays the struggle of a man who tries to swim against the tide. The manga also highlights the various struggles that people face in real life, such as depression, hopelessness, etc. But there is no shortage of action in the story. In fact, there are many powerful characters in Berserk who possess special abilities that give them a distinct advantage over their opponents.

Many of them gained power by sacrificing someone dear to them, but there was a small minority that worked hard to improve their strength. With the manga entering a brand new arc, it is very likely that fans will get an opportunity to see some of the strongest characters in Berserk.

22 Schierke

Flora’s Apprentice

Schierke in Berserk

Schierke is a key member of the Black Swordsman Party. She joined the group in the Millennium Falcon arc after Flora’s place was ransacked by Griffith’s apostles. In a short time, Schierke has proven her worth to the Black Swordsman Party.

She is a talented mage who spent years practicing under Flora. The latter acknowledged that Schierke was an incredible pupil. Schierke has the ability to sense Od, which enables her to sense and track people. She is also able to use astral projection, with which she was able to save Guts’ mind from being consumed by the Berserker Armor. Schierke has also shown an aptitude for crafting talismans, but she still has a ways to go before she can reach Flora’s level.

21 Serpico

Highly Skilled Fighter

Serpico’s Sylph Sword

Serpico is the half-brother of Farnese, and he is very protective of her. Serpico was only concerned about Farnese’s safety, which is why he followed her like a shadow. Despite his slender build, Serpico is a powerful character who can handle smaller apostles without any problems. His agility allows him to dance around his opponents and strike where their guard is the weakest.

Serpico is also clever, as evidenced by his decision to attack Guts in a place where the latter couldn’t swing his Dragonslayer properly. Serpico’s combat skills were elevated after he got the Sylph Cloak and Sylph Sword. Both items significantly boosted his speed and damage.

20 Snake Lord

Terrorized An Entire Town

Guts kills the Snake Baron

The Snake Lord was a cruel and vicious individual who ruled over Koka. He took over the town with brute force and struck a deal with the mayor to spare the lives of people in exchange for some humans and gold. The Snake Lord’s reign of terror continued until Guts reached Koka.

As an apostle, the Snake Lord had a lot more strength than humans. He was able to slaughter countless people with very little difficulty. Even Guts faced some problems while trying to beat the Snake Lord.

19 Slug Count

Nearly Beat Guts

The Slug Count from Berserk

The Count made his first appearance in the Black Swordman Arc. The Count ruled his land with an iron fist, and he punished the pagans and anyone else who participated in suspicious activities. After becoming an apostle, the Count’s thirst for blood and destruction grew.

In his apostle form, the Count towered over any normal human. Due to his immense size, the Count had a great deal of physical strength. A regular attack from any of his limbs was enough to shatter bones and cause grievous injuries. The Count also had the power of regeneration, with which he could easily regain lost limbs. The Count’s only weak point was his head.

18 Wyald

Had To Be Stopped By Zodd

Berserk Wyald in his apostle form

Wyald was an apostle who served as the leader of the Black Dog Knights. The group was made up of criminals, but Wyald managed to bring them under his command with his menacing aura. Wyald and his group were sent by the King of Midland to murder Griffith.

As an apostle, Wyald was much stronger than ordinary humans. With his strength, he was able to crush a human’s skull, stop Guts’ sword with his teeth, and destroy a giant boulder with a single punch. When he transformed into his apostle form, his physical abilities were increased to the point where he could kill multiple men with a single hit. However, Wyald was not able to fight against the likes of Zodd.

17 Mozgus

Incredibly Sadistic And Twisted Individual

Berserk - Mozgus Telling Farnese Not To Look Away

Mozgus worked for the Holy See as one of their chief inquisitors. He strongly believed that the world could only be saved by killing all the heretics. Mozgus would torture his victims in the most gruesome manner in order to please “God.”


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Mozgus had numerous powers that made him one of the strongest characters in Berserk. He had very tough skin that could withstand Guts’ attacks. He was also able to breathe fire, and it was strong enough to incinerate anything in its path. In his pseudo-apostle form, Mozgus gained a pair of wings that could be used to fly or to shoot feathers. He was eventually taken down by Guts after an intense fight.

16 Flora

Griffith Considered Her A Threat

Flora and Skull Knight

Flora is one of the strongest mages in the series. Griffith feared her power so much that he sent an army of apostles to kill her. This alone is enough to earn her a place on the list, especially when Flora didn’t even try to attack Griffith.

Flora’s biggest weapon was her knowledge; she knew about the Beherits, the Brand of Sacrifice, and various other things. Flora’s magic was able to weaken the effects of Guts’ brand for several days, which reflects its potency. Despite her old age, Flora was able to create a massive wall of fire that was able to hold off Grunbeld and the rest of the apostles. It is only fair to presume that in her prime, Flora would have been able to survive the attack of Griffith’s army.

15 Flower Storm Monarch

Posseses Great Knowledge Of Magic

Flower Storm Monarch in Berserk

The Flower Storm Monarch is the ruler of Elfhelm. She also goes by the name Dandan, but it is only reserved for her subjects. While the strength of the Flower Storm Monarch remains a mystery, her name has been mentioned in multiple legends and poems. This implies that she could very well be one of the strongest characters in Berserk.

She was able to mend Casca’s memories with the help of an ability known as the Corridor of Dreams. Since the Flower Storm Monarch has mastery over magic, she is a natural enemy of the God Hand. So, it is possible that Griffith might try to attack her in the future to eliminate any potential risks to his authority.

14 Rakshas

Master Assassin Working For Griffith

Rakshas in the Berserk anime

Rakshas was exiled by the Kushan Clan due to the many horrible deeds that he had committed. His talent as an assassin made it easy for him to find another place to thrive. Eventually, he met Griffith and joined the new Band of Hawk. Griffith gave him the role of the Commander of the search and destroy squad.

Rakshas has the tendency to torture his opponents before killing them. Many times, the victims don’t even make it to the end. He’s not only powerful, but sadistic as well.

13 Irvine

One Of Griffith’s Top Commanders

Irvine in his Apostle form

Irvine is an incredible marksman who holds a high position in the newly formed Band of Hawk. Unlike most of the characters in the series, Irvine does not fight with swords; instead, he uses a bow.


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Irvine’s skill with the bow is almost unmatched, and he is capable of hitting multiple enemies in a very short period. His power as an apostle just makes him an even more powerful opponent. In the story of Berserk, Irvine was able to exterminate numerous Kushan generals with very little effort.

12 Daiba

Master Of Magic

Daiba, Kushan Sorcerer from Berserk

Daiba formerly served under the Kushan ruler Ganishka, and he was a close advisor to the emperor. He is an outstanding sorcerer who oversaw Pishacha gana.

Daiba’s incredible knowledge enabled him to create the Beherit, a type of spiritual key that is said to govern the fate of all humanity. Not only that but with his magic, Daiba can summon mythical creatures, which further demonstrates his strength.

11 Locus

A Legend From The Bygone Era

Locus from Berserk

Locus is different from most of the apostles. He is a smart character who thinks before making any decision, and this is a key reason why Griffith is fond of him. His fighting skills are just as strong as his intelligence.

Locus is considered a legendary fighter whose fighting record is incredible. His weapon of choice is the lance, and he uses it very masterfully. He has not been involved in a serious fight, but it is plausible to assume that he is one of the stronger apostles in the series.

10 Sea God

Had Monstrous Strength

Sea God from Berserk

The Sea God was a gigantic monster that was sealed within an island, but after the Great Roar of the Astral World, it was freed from all sorts of fetters. This led to the consumption of the inhabitants of the island that it was bound to.

The Sea King was surrounded by numerous tentacles, with each one capable of growing more on its own. It also had several other monsters residing inside it, which attacked any foreign objects. The Sea God’s heart was a sonic weapon, which emitted sound waves so powerful that it kept Guts at bay. It was truly a formidable creature.

9 Zodd

A War Veteran

Zodd in Apostle Form

Zodd made a very early appearance in Berserk. He was first revealed in the Golden Age arc, where he slaughtered countless members of the original Band of Hawk. Zodd terrorized battlefields for 300 years, which led to his moniker, “Zodd the Immortal.”

Unlike most apostles, Zodd is highly resilient. Throughout the manga, he managed to survive fights against extraordinary foes, which include the likes of the Skull Knight, Guts, and more.

8 Grunbeld

Went Toe-To-Toe With Guts

Grunbeld reincarnated as an apostle

Also known as the “Great Flame Dragon,” Grunbeld is the leader of the Band of Falcon’s giants. He shot to popularity during the Hundred-Year War when he fought against the Tudor invasion with his meager army of 3000 soldiers.


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Grunbeld’s physical strength transcends that of most characters in Berserk. Whilst in his apostle form, Grunbeld’s strength increases several times over, making him a true nemesis. Furthermore, he also gains the ability to breathe fire. Another testament to his durability is that Guts required the Berserker armor to take him down.

7 ​​​​​Guts

Has Taken Down Numerous Apostles

Guts in his Berserker armor

Guts is the main character and protagonist of the Berserk story. His childhood was plagued by one grim event after another, but that didn’t stop Guts from becoming one of the strongest characters in the series. Formerly a member of Band of Hawk, Guts was put through more ordeals, which took a toll on him and resulted in him losing his arm.

Despite his loss of limb, Guts is still able to swing the Dragonslayer without any problems. He has superhuman strength and stamina, which he has shown time and time again. His strength is further boosted by the Berserker armor, which allowed him to defeat Grunbeld.

6 Ganishka

Only Apostle Who Dared To Oppose The God Hand

Ganishka from Berserk

A Kushan Emporer, Ganishka was one of the strongest apostles. Unlike the majority of the apostles, Ganishka detested the God Hand, and wanted to go eclipse them. Ganishka wanted to extend his territory to every corner of the world.

His power far exceeded that of regular apostles. In his lightning form, he was able to stop Zodd’s movements. After being reincarnated, Ganishka mindlessly slaughtered entire armies and destroyed cities without any problems.

5 Skull Knight

Zodd’s Rival

Skull Knight pointing sword at Femto

The Skull Knight is one of the most cryptic characters in Berserk. He is a sworn enemy of the God Hand and all other monsters. The Skull Knight’s swordsmanship is on a completely different level from most characters in the series. He is capable of exterminating hordes of demons with his Sword of Beherits.

A single slash from the sword is capable of cutting through dimensions, and he was able to trap a multitude of demons within a vortex. In addition to his fighting skills, the Skull Knight is also blessed with incredible foresight, which only adds to his power.

4 Slan/Ubik/Conrad

Powerful Beings Who Rule Over The Apostles

Slan, one of the God Hand

It is extremely difficult to rank the members of the God Hand, as each one of them possesses unique powers. All five members of this circle are represented as fingers of a hand, which has led many readers to assume that all of them are equal.


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One thing is for certain: no apostle can even scratch any member of the God Hand. Together, they’re among the most powerful forces in Berserk. It’s no wonder they claim the name of divinity.

3 Griffith/Femto

Leader Of The Band Of Hawk

Griffith from Berserk anime

Griffith’s transition from one of the most loved characters to the most hated villain was unthinkable. He was the leader of the Band of Hawk, but his goal was to have his own kingdom. For Griffith, achieving this dream was the most important thing in his life, and he ended up sacrificing his comrades to achieve that.

After triggering the eclipse, Griffith was reborn as Femto, one of the members of the God Hand. As Femto, he possesses the ability to manipulate gravity and space. He used the combination of the two to deflect the Skull Knight’s slash. Furthermore, his mere presence was enough to send Ganishka into a state of panic.