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Not feeling strong enough? We have all the active The Strongest Battlegrounds Codes for you to redeem! Oh wait, they’re not those types of codes? Ah, well… This guide covers the unique case of what codes are in The Strongest Battlegrounds and how to use them!

The Strongest Battlegrounds aims to test your strength in thrilling battle royale PvP. Choose from different playable characters each with their own unique specialities and combos so that you can impress your foes and yourself with epic finishing moves! Can you prove yourself the STRONGEST on the Battlegrounds with your unique skills and weapons?

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The Strongest Battlegrounds Codes

So let’s get into the guide on what codes are in The Strongest Battlegrounds and how you can use them

What Are Codes?

Within the game, the codes are actually links which take you to private servers. So you may be wondering if there are any rewards tied to the servers since “code” is in the link title. The answer is yes – kind of. Players often share their private server links within the community Discord (linked below in the “Where To Get Codes” section) server under the “#private-servers” tab. Where minigames like Simon Says are held with prizes on the line.

Of course, there is no guarantee that these hosts will hold their end of the bargain and give you your reward if you win. But it’s always worth a try for the chance at freebies, or newfound friendship perhaps?

Will Redeemable Codes Ever Be Implemented?

Maybe! We aren’t the DEVs so we cannot say for certain. It does seem unlikely as the game has survived this long without a code system, but nothing is impossible. It’s also uncertain what the rewards from a typical code system could even be given the playstyle of The Strongest Battlegrounds.

Where To Get Codes

You can get your hands on more codes by checking out The Strongest Battlegrounds Discord. This is where players who own private servers will invite you to join them. Plus, a lot of these server owners will host games with prizes for participation/winning, so its definitely worth checking out if you’re after some kit.