The Sims Developer Maxis’ New Project Dolores Explained


  • Maxis is working on Project Rene alongside The Sims 4, aiming for a rebirth of the franchise.
  • Project Dolores is an unannounced game potentially linked to The Sims franchise.
  • Clues suggest Project Dolores might be another life simulation game, but little is known at this point.

Despite its age, The Sims 4 is still going strong, but nevertheless, Maxis is keeping busy with other projects in the works. Fans already know about Project Rene which will sit alongside The Sims 4 instead of replacing it. It is not yet known whether it will be The Sims 5 everyone is waiting for, or a different offering altogether.

There’s also been the discovery of Project Dolores, an unannounced game by Maxis and EA. There are many questions surrounding this project and whether it is connected to The Sims 4 and the rest of the franchise. Some clues can be found, though they don’t reveal much.


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Project Dolores – What’s in a Name?

Maxis and EA have a new game coming up codenamed Project Rene. This name was chosen because Rene means born again in French. Thus, the title signifies a rebirth or a renaissance for the franchise. This approach is visible in how the project is being handled. The base game will launch for free, and it will be available on both PC and mobile. Official details are scarce, but information is slowly being revealed in the Behind the Sims series on the official YouTube channel for the franchise.

It is possible that the word “dolores” may similarly hint at what to expect from the project. The word has Latin roots, with the word “dolor” referring to pain or sorrow. This doesn’t seem like it would point to anything related to the cartoonish Sims series which has always been cheery.

How to Interpret the Project Dolores Codename

It could be the case that Maxis is branching out and providing a darker spin-off, though the odds of that seem low. It could also be the case that the developers are working on a new franchise entirely, one that will target an audience that isn’t necessarily fans of The Sims. Whatever the project is, the codename doesn’t hint at it being a lighthearted affair, although the codename’s roots could just as easily be a red herring.

Everything Revealed about Project Dolores


Officially, nothing is known about the project, and neither Maxis nor EA have publicly commented on it. However, there is a trail of breadcrumbs leading to clues regarding what the secret project is.

Keen-eyed fans spotted a post on EA’s site looking for a technical director for Project Dolores. Not much is revealed regarding what the project is about, except that applications should display “depth of knowledge of The Sims and EA’s current game technology.” While this doesn’t confirm that it’s another Sims game, it does seem like the project has something to do with the franchise, which has been expanding past the mainline titles with additions like The Sims Mobile.

Is Project Dolores a Sims Game?

At this point, there is no certainty that Project Dolores will be another chapter in The Sims series. However, the reference to the franchise in the job posting does suggest that some kind of life simulation game is in the works. With studios around the world, Maxis has grown big enough to juggle more than just The Sims. Patience will have to be exercised before the full details of the project are released. Right now, Maxis is committed to focusing everyone’s attention on The Sims 4 and the upcoming Project Rene.

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