May 30, 2023

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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there may be a whole underground area referred to as the Depths. This can be a hostile atmosphere that may fell even the mightiest warriors, however there are gear and gadgets that make the journey into the unknown somewhat safer. Right here is our information on get and use Darkish Clump in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – get and use Darkish Clump

Whenever you enterprise into the Depths, you’re prone to take injury sooner relatively than later. Whenever you do, you’ll uncover that therapeutic works in another way beneath the floor. Your favourite dishes, which you beforehand might depend on to revive your well being on the floor, are just about ineffective whilst you stay within the Depths.

An impact referred to as ‘gloom’ is what makes the distinction. It locks your hearts away till you restore them with daylight, or by activating a Lightroot. The excellent news is that there are methods to counteract this unwelcome impact. You possibly can purchase particular armor, for starters (take a look at our information in the event you’re unsure get the Depths armor set). The Depths armor set provides further safety in opposition to the consequences of gloom, particularly when you purchase a number of items.

Although highly effective, the armor begins out with low defensive stats in comparison with what it is going to ultimately provide. Use Darkish Clump to enhance the Depths set, in addition to to create new recipes that present safety in opposition to gloom. Combine a couple of Darkish Clump gadgets with extra typical stuff like Hyrule Herb or milk and you may achieve resistance to gloom for complete minutes at a time.

Totk Dark Clump Plains Bargainer Statue Location

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To get Darkish Clumps, you might want to deliver Poe Souls to a Bargainer Statue. There are a couple of of those statues situated all through the Depths. Whenever you hand over 10 Poe Souls, the statues offer you a single Darkish Clump in return. Additionally they promote items of the Darkish Armor set, however it’s important to discover a number of statues as a way to construct sufficient belief with them that they may promote you the complete set. See the above map for the placement of the Plains Bargainer Statue to get began.

Totk Dark Clump Available From Bargainer Statue

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Given how worthwhile they’re, you’ll positively need to seize any Poe Souls you encounter whereas roaming the Depths. Luckily, after you have some souls, you don’t even must be within the Depths to change them for loot.

Be aware you could additionally make any permitted trades with the Bargainer Statue at Lookout Touchdown. It’s within the again nook of the tent alongside the north facet of the settlement. It’s best to commerce with the statue at the very least as soon as. It will provide you with a single Darkish Clump in change for the primary Poe Soul you provide it. You gained’t discover a higher deal. For extra detailed data on the companies it presents, take a look at our information on use Poe Souls.

With sufficient Darkish Clump bits, you need to lastly be capable of gear up and discover the Depths with out worrying a lot concerning the difficult conditions that come up beneath the floor.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is offered on the Nintendo Change.

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