June 8, 2023

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces quite a lot of new collectibles you didn’t hear a factor about in Breath of the Wild. They make sure that wherever you go, there’s one thing to do, so long as the place to look. Right here is our information explaining the place to search out Bubbulfrogs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – the place to search out Bubbulfrogs

Bubbulfrogs are spectral frogs you possibly can seek out to supply Bubbul Gems. You’ll be able to hand them over to Koltin for worthwhile rewards. The choice turns into out there very early within the sport. For extra info, examine our information explaining how you can get the Bokoblin Masks. Koltin provides much more than simply that first masks.

To seek out Bubbulfrogs, look within the varied caves round Hyrule. While you first enter a cave the place a frog lurks, textual content seems on-screen to tell you that you’ve made a ‘discovery.’ In these caves, you’ll sometimes discover Horriblin enemies hanging from the ceiling. There could also be different threats, as nicely. Someplace in that cave (normally behind a weak wall you possibly can destroy with a stone ax or related weapon), you will discover a Bubbulfrog.

Totk Pit Cave Frog Climbing On Wall

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Bubbulfrogs are usually not powerful enemies. They don’t attempt to assault you. As an alternative, they try to remain out of vary. You’ll be able to shoot them from their perch with a shot out of your bow, then hack them on the bottom with a melee weapon. As soon as they’re finished for, the frogs will float into the air, limp. A rabbit-like creature will escape. You’ll be able to acquire your Bubbul Gem and the cave’s icon in your map will get a checkmark. You’ll be able to solely discover one frog in a given cave.

In case you are having hassle discovering the varied caves the place Bubbulfrogs seem, there may be assist out there. Test our information on how you can discover the Satori, which outlines one terrific possibility. Satori which have acquired a blessing quickly gentle up the areas of caves throughout Hyrule. That tells you the place to search out extra frogs. Blue columns of sunshine rise from the doorway to these caves. The lights make discovering Bubbulfrogs straightforward for an in-game day or so.

As soon as you discover the caves, some frogs are trickier to find than others. We’ve written separate guides that will help you find a number of the trickiest frogs residing in Crenel Hills Cave, Hebra South Summit Cave, and Pit Cave.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out there for buy from the Nintendo Retailer.

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