The Official Game of the ATP and WTA Available on Steam Early Access

Tiebreak – The Official Game of the ATP and WTA is available today on Steam Early Access for $29.99. The team plans to release on consoles later this year.

Currently players have the opportunity to engage in Quick Match mode with 12 tennis officially licensed players. This enables gameplay on all ATP Masters 1000 and WTA 1000 series courts. More licensed players, game modes and overall content will be incorporated during the early access phase.

Notably, our priority is the core gameplay and the game feel experienced when playing Tiebreak, and we believe that this can be best achieved by combining the best elements of our previous games Tennis World Tour 2 and AO Tennis 2 as a base. We will now use this early access to optimize the game by gathering feedback, implementing change, and creating a positive feedback loop with players. The team shall provide specific channels, exclusively available to early access buyers, to gather feedback and allow for meaningful direct interaction with the development team. Consumers of Tiebreak early access will truly have an opportunity to help shape the final game.