The New Animal Crossing Game Rumors Explained


  • Rumors suggest a 2026 debut for the next Animal Crossing with exciting new features like a city, vehicles, and intricate multiplayer options.
  • The possibility of a giant shopping mall and a revamped multiplayer experience could potentially revolutionize the beloved game series, but these rumors should be taken lightly until an official confirmation is shared.

Nearly four years after the last Animal Crossing game, the community is eagerly awaiting news of a new installment. Though Nintendo has yet to confirm if another title is in development, after the runaway success of New Horizons, it seems likely. After all, the silence from Nintendo could be a strategic move towards building anticipation for a future announcement.

Interestingly, given the franchise’s usual release schedule for mainline titles, it appears that such an announcement could be right around the corner. Typically, Nintendo introduces a fresh Animal Crossing game every three to four years. Notably, New Leaf and New Horizons were a staggering eight years apart with only apps and spin-offs such as Pocket Camp and Happy Home Designer released between.


The Next Animal Crossing Game Could Benefit From Untethering Milestones From Nook Miles

While Nintendo has yet to reveal a new Animal Crossing game, revising Nook Miles could be incredibly beneficial for the franchise.

A New Animal Crossing Could Debut in 2026

The Next Animal Crossing Could Be Slated for a Next-Gen Debut

On March 13, 2024, rumors surfaced online claiming a new Animal Crossing game is developing. The source, Twitter user “NWeedle,” is suggesting a 2026 release, which would mean the game is targeted to come out six years after New Horizons. Of course, Nintendo could be purposefully delaying the game into 2026 to release it on its rumored next-gen console, nicknamed the “Switch 2.” According to the claims, the next game will feature the following:

  • A city complete with skyscrapers
  • Drivable vehicles
  • Adventure missions (including puzzles and mini-games)
  • More intensive multiplayer support

While mini-games aren’t a new concept in the Animal Crossing universe, the more intensive puzzles introduced in New Leaf were enjoyable. As a result, similarly challenging mini-games in a future installment would be exciting. NWeedle has hinted that this will include cake throwing, vehicle races, birthday celebrations, and a game called “Mouse Hunt.”

Animal Crossing Excited-1

Theories surrounding the next Animal Crossing game are only continuing to grow, with whispers suggesting a brand-new monetary system. This could involve the introduction of a massive shopping center, potentially reminiscent of the bustling Main Street in New Leaf or The City found in both New Leaf and City Folk. Speculation points towards players owning and operating their own shops within the shopping center, similar to Nook’s Cranny, which is managed by Timmy and Tommy in New Horizons.

A more robust multiplayer experience in Animal Crossing has always been a thrilling premise. The rumored shopping center, if implemented, could revolutionize how players interact with each other via vibrant shopping sprees while visiting friends’ towns and fostering deeper connections. The Twitter rumors have even hinted at the possibility of purchasing vehicles within the center, which, if true, could significantly alter how players travel around their city.

Unfortunately, while the source credited for these theories has a decent following on Twitter, they lack a track record of reliable leaks. Additionally, the source’s post being in Spanish raises the possibility of mistranslation, which can lead to incorrect details being shared. However, given that New Horizons was announced two years before its launch, there’s a possibility that Nintendo will unveil news about a new game in the near future.

animal crossing new horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth major game in the Animal Crossing series. This slice-of-life simulation game tasks the player with developing an abandoned island into a small town for its resident villagers. The game was released at the start of worldwide lockdowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which catapulted it into massive success. It’s currently the best selling game of all time in Japan.

March 20, 2020

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Happy Home Paradise

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