The Mysterious Qi Quest Guide

There’s a ton of secrets to uncover in Stardew Valley. After your first visit to Calico Desert, take a trip to the Oasis shop found in the southern region of the desert. You’ll notice a man at the back blocking an entryway. How exactly can you get past him and access the exclusive location?

To reach this hidden area, you’ll need to complete the quest, The Mysterious Qi. The quest is a bit long and will take some time, but the reward in return is well worth the effort. This guide will help you through the quest to complete it in no time.


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Where to Find the First Box

To begin The Mysterious Qi quest, you’ll need to make sure you have unlocked the Pelican Town Bus. This becomes available to you after you complete the Vault in the Community Center Bundles. If you are on the JojaMart route, you can purchase the Bus Repair for 40,000g.

With this unlocked, make your way down the road on the left, past the bus, and into the tunnel. Here, you’ll notice a box on the wall at the very end of the tunnel in between two lights. To open it, you’ll need to provide a Battery Pack. You can use this guide to learn how to obtain Battery Packs. Once you unlock the box, it will give you your first official task: bringing a Rainbow Shell to the train platform.

You cannot use Lightning Rods in Winter to get Battery Packs, as no storms occur during this time.

Rainbow Shells can easily be spotted on the beach, but they’ll only appear in the Summer season. It can also be purchased from the Traveling Cart occasionally, so make sure to check back here if you aren’t currently in Summer. Then, arrive at the Train Station in the northern region of Pelican Town and place the Rainbow Shell in the brown box on the platform.

Get Beets for Mayor Lewis’ Fridge

After you’ve provided the required Rainbow Shells, you’ll receive your next quest: to place 10 beets inside Mayor Lewis’ Fridge. This seed can only be grown in Fall, but if you have unlocked the Greenhouse, you can grow some there regardless of the season. You can pick up some Beet Seeds from the Oasis store in Calico Desert.

Beets will take around 6 days to fully grow unless you use some Speed-Gro fertilizer. Once you’ve successfully obtained the 10 required beets, you’ll want to head to Mayor Lewis’ house, found in the southeastern region of the town center. You can use the above image to locate his home.


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Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal

After placing the Beets in Mayor Lewis’ fridge, you’ll get your next task: providing the Sand Dragon with his last meal. This task will actually be pretty easy; all you will need to do is find a Solar Essence and place it within the mouth of a dragon skeleton found in Calico Desert.

To start, you’ll want to pick up a Solar Essence before visiting the skeleton. This can be found from a ton of different enemies and more, including:

  • Squid Kid
  • Haunted Skull
  • Ghost
  • Iridium Bat
  • Metal Head
  • Hot Head
  • Mummy
  • Krobus (Found in the Sewers)
  • Blue Squid
  • Sunfish

Most of these enemies you can easily find in The Mines and Skull Cavern. If you’d rather just purchase one, you can do this as well through Krobus if you have the Sewers unlocked. One Solar Essence will cost you 80g.

Finally, make your way to Calico Desert by taking the Pelican Town Bus. When you get off, head forward down the road until you spot a large skeleton towards the south. Approach the head of the skeleton, and place one Solar Essence inside.


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Check the Farmhouse Lumber Pile

Finally, to finish off the whole quest, you’ll want to head back to your farm. The last note you receive will tell you to check the lumber pile outside your house, which is found on the left side. Interact with this, and you’ll receive the Club Card.

Now, head back to Calico Desert when you get the chance and visit the Oasis store. In the back, approach the man blocking the hidden passage and show him your Club Card. You’ll now have access to the Calico Desert Casino, where you can take part in some gambling and win rewards. The games and tasks found here include:

  • CalicoJack
  • Slot Machines
  • Check Stats (Allows you to check some of your current stats within the game)
  • Statue of Endless Fortune (Costs 1,000,000g and provides one gift a day)

You can also check your luck for these games by watching the Fortune Teller channel on your TV.

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