The Lost Crown – Beginner Tips and Tricks


  • Buy missing map pieces from Fariba in each new biome to unlock the entire map of Mount Qaf in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Look for colorful flags and rugs to find her.
  • Discover secret rooms in each biome, some hidden behind fake walls. Use the Prosperity Bird to help identify these hidden locations and find valuable treasures.
  • Start farming Time Crystals early by force-spawning enemies and killing them multiple times. Time Crystals are essential for unlocking new items and upgrading weapons in the game.

No one was expecting the new Prince of Persia to be one of the top Metroidvania platformers of the recent decade. But Ubisoft has clearly rejuvenated the franchise with a fresh and creative format. However, akin to any game labeled as Metroidvania, The Lost Crown harbors an unexpectedly large number of secrets, concealed features, and unexplained mechanics that might bewilder newcomers. To aid with this, we’ve compiled a list of seven tips and tricks for beginners to provide you with a head start and help you navigate the enigmatic world of Mount Qaf.


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – How to Get More Time Crystals

Time Crystals are the essential currency to upgrade your character and unlock items in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown; here’s how to farm them.

7 Buy Missing Map Pieces Early

Look for Fariba in Every New Biome

fariba wak waktree lost crown prince of persia

As a Metroidvania, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown doesn’t reveal the entire map from the get-go. You unlock it piece by piece through exploration. But there’s a workaround: buy each Biome’s missing map from the young girl, Fariba. (She’s the one who told you about the Wak-Wak Trees.)

After discovering a new location, look for colorful flags and rugs in the corners. These items signal Fariba’s whereabouts. She also enjoys humming Persian songs. So, if you hear a lovely song, Fariba is nearby.

6 Don’t Trust the Walls

The Map is Full of Secret Rooms


Each Biome has multiple secret rooms. Some require special keys, and others are unlocked through solving The Lost Crown puzzles. However, most of them are concealed behind fake walls. All you need to do is strike a suspicious wall once or twice to access the treasure-filled secret vault.

If you’re lucky enough to have the Prosperity Bird on your side, you’ll have less trouble identifying these hidden locations. She starts singing when you get close to them and flies over to their entrances if they’re in your sight—a true blessing from the Persian gods.

The Prosperity Bird is a Deluxe Edition exclusive Amulet.

5 Start Farming Time Crystals Early

Force-Spawn Enemies and Kill Them Again

time crystals in prince of persia the lost crown.

Enemies and monsters respawn when you re-enter an area. Use this to your advantage from the early hours of the gameplay and farm Time Crystals. There is no limit on how many times you can kill an enemy—and their drops don’t change significantly when you keep eradicating them.

Time Crystals are the primary currency of the new Prince of Persia. You need them to unlock new items and upgrade weapons. The sooner you earn them, the faster you level up.

4 Use Teleportation in Puzzle-Solving

The Shadow of the Simurgh is a Problem-Solver

the first puzzle room in sacred archives in prince of persia the lost crown.

One of the biggest struggles of beginner players in The Lost Crown is puzzles. The game is rather skimpy with the clues, and you are often left with a bunch of platforms, levers, and gates that make no sense. But here’s the secret: your teleportation ability is a key to solving puzzles. After unlocking the Shadow of the Simurgh Athra Surge, use it smartly in puzzles. When you encounter situations where a platform or gate seems too distant, teleportation is the solution.

In The Depths, for example, two puzzles demand the use of this ability for resolution. The initial puzzle involves locked gates, unlockable with nearby levers. However, the gate swiftly closes once you release the lever. The second puzzle features stone statues that must be illuminated simultaneously, achieved, as you might have guessed, by employing your Shadow.


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – The Impossible Climb Side Quest (Hermit Location)

The Lost Crown players will face their biggest challenge as they try to complete the Impossible Climb side quest.

3 Equip the King Jamshid Amulet

This Charm Exposes Hidden Treasure


Deluxe Edition players have the Prosperity Bird from the starting mission. She sings and flies near hidden treasures and collectibles, exposing their locations. However, regular players must use a workaround for that: they must unlock and wear the King Jamshid Amulet.

This charm alerts you with a specific sound when a valuable item is in close proximity. Though not as handy as the bird, it effectively assists in locating hidden rooms and concealed collectibles. (To ensure you catch the Amulet’s signal clearly, consider lowering the in-game music volume.)

2 Deflect Enemy Projectiles

A Timely Strike Can Ward Off Shots

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown - How To Break Glowing Yellow Walls

While parrying is the main defense in The Lost Crown, there is another (more fun) way to protect yourself: Strike back enemy projectiles. If you manage to hit an arrow or bomb before it hits you, it gets bounced back toward the enemy.

Keep in mind, however, that not all projectiles are deflectable. Those that are gleaming with red light are particularly undeflectable. All you can do to avoid them is dodge. But if you’re a pro, you can also steal those projectiles using your Dimensional Claw and throw them back at the shooter as a deadly response.

1 Turn On Platforming Assist

There’s an Option to Skip Parkour Puzzles

how to turn on platforming assist in prince of persia the lost crown.

In the Gameplay tab of the Settings, there is an accessibility option that lets you skip challenging platforming sections. It’s called “Platforming Assist.” When you turn it on, you can create a portal next to parkour-requiring sections and skip them entirely. The good thing is that the assist option will neither affect any aspect of the gameplay nor disable any achievements.

Even if the Platforming Assist is on, you can still try your luck with parkour sections. The portals won’t automatically teleport you to the other side and will serve as an optional skip button.

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