The latest Helldivers 2 patch has made this weapon overpowered

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The latest Helldivers 2 update 1.000.102 increased the spawn rate of strong Terminid bugs including Bile Titans and Chargers, while also nerfing the health of a Charger’s head as well as buffing armor penetration of two weapons. This has made them incredibly overpowered for taking down these strong enemies.

Recoilless Rifle Changes

Reddit user u/LaDiscoDiCristo took to the platform with a post to highlight how broken these new changes have made both the Recoilless Rifle and EAT-17. Now, Chargers can be taken out with one headshot and Bile Titans now take between two and four headshots to take down, making both enemies incredibly easy to dispatch. The EAT-17 can now also one-shot Chargers, which is great news as the anti-tank weapon only has one rocket before it must be discarded. With players having the ability to call down an EAT every 60 seconds, this means that a player can take out two every minute, with a team of four being able to take care of large numbers with ease.

Many Reddit users shared their approval of this change, with u/rdtscksass expressing their happiness as a day one Recoilless Rifle user, even noting that they “just shed a single tear with a smile.” u/TheSovietBobRoss approved saying “The designated AT weapons now make sense, hooray!” while u/SuperArppis said “They are logistically hardest to use and lack ammo. They deserve it.”

This latest change has shaken up the potential character builds and weapon choices that players carry with them on missions. Previously, many would carry a Grenade Launcher as their weapon of choice to take care of stronger enemies. Now, this looks like it could change with many opting to carry the EAT or Recoilless Rifle, including u/Beravin saying that they now “have to have a good long think about how much I want to bring my shield and grenade launcher over EATs or the recoilless rifle. This was a huge +1 to build diversity.”

Despite the two weapons now being overpowered against two of the stronger enemies in Helldivers 2, this change was intentional by the developers and is unlikely to change, which is good news for players who want to take part in the newly added Terminid Control System Major Order community event that went live earlier today and will be available until March 19.

Even though this will likely become one of your weapons of choice for the time being, I highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 Best Weapons and Best Armor guides to help you create the best build for your Helldiver.