The Holiday Poll Guide (Jack Skellington Level 7 Friendship Quest)

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  • How to Complete The Holiday Poll

Jack Skellington wishes to bring the magic of the holidays and the magic of Dreamlight Valley together. To help Jack along in this level 7 friendship quest, you must have completed Simba’s level 7 quest, Seed of Memories. Jack is very excited about bringing this new holiday to the valley but wants the best response from fellow villagers. To do this, Jack will task you with talking to a diverse sample to get the most inclusive holiday possible. Find out below how to complete this quest.


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How to Complete The Holiday Poll

Request to Speak Jack 7

Talk to Jack

When beginning the quest after progressing with the necessary friendships, you must speak with Jack Skellington, who will give the following names as the designated sample to help create the new holiday. The villagers chosen by Jack can be talked to in any order, including:

  • Minnie
  • Olaf
  • Scar
  • Vanellope

Scar Talk Jack 7

Talk to Holiday Sample

When talking to the villagers, they will tell you their favorite ideas for a great new holiday. Doing so will give insight into the character’s idea for the special day. This will be needed for Jack Skellington, as he will be waiting for the results of your dialogue with them. It is recommended to hang out with Jack to have him available, as talking with him will unlock the next step in the quest. After talking to all four villagers and talking again with Jack, the next step of the quest will begin.



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Holiday Treats

Once the sample has been given to Jack, he will need your help creating what he needs to give the valley a great holiday. Three separate requests will be given to the player to help Olaf, Vanellope, and Scar. Jack Skellington will give the specifications for each quest, and they can be completed in any order.

Blank Book Jack 7

Holiday Treat for Olaf

To help with Olaf’s request, you will need the following items to craft a blank book.

Dark Wood can be found in the Forgotten Lands, and fabric is a material crafted from cotton, while fiber can be crafted from seaweed. After crafting, return the finished product to Jack.

Candy Skull Jack 7

Holiday Treat for Vanellope

To help with this holiday treat, you will need to help Jack figure out the final ingredient for a candy skull by talking with the local expert on food, Remy. Remy will give you the final ingredient needed, but you will need to gather the following to craft the candy skull:

  • 1 Dreamlight Fruit
  • 1 Vanilla
  • 2 Sugarcane

Once all these ingredients have been gathered along with Remy’s final ingredient, they can be used at any cooking station to make the candy skull to bring for Jack.

Garden Jack 7-1

Holiday Treat for Scar

For Scar’s holiday treat, you will just need to grow specific vegetables within the Forgotten Lands. Growing them outside this area will not be counted for the quest. The following seeds will be needed:

  • 12 Zucchini
  • 6 Bell Pepper
  • 6 Tomato
  • 8 Potato

Once grown and harvested, they can be given to Jack. Upon finishing the final task for Dreamlight Day, talk with Jack one more time to complete the quest and reap the fruits of your labor.