The Forever Labyrinth is a unique browser-based game made in partnership with Google Arts & Culture

  • A browser-based game featuring art from all across history and all over the world
  • Players must help find missing Professor Sheldrake in this narrative roguelike adventure game

Inkle has just announced the release of its latest title, The Forever Labyrinth. Following three IGF nominations for A Highland Song, the studio has launched its next project, a free browser-based game built in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture. Art from all across the world and history has been utilized to create a thrilling experience as players help Professor Sheldrake escape.

In The Forever Labyrinth, Professor Sheldrake finds himself trapped in a maze that is beyond time itself. The goal is to find her before the monsters. It’s not a regular labyrinth and this place is an entire web of halls, rooms, clifftops, and cellars which keep changing their locations.

The entirety of the maze is full of paintings and artwork of the late human race, and Professor Sheldrake is lost somewhere within its walls. She’s not the only one, though, as several others are trapped somewhere in there as well. A lot of secrets are hidden in this labyrinth, waiting to be uncovered by players.

In terms of gameplay, the game is a narrative roguelike adventure game. It is pretty short, with one run taking only about 20 minutes, but it’s the replayability that keeps you hooked. The more the number of runs, the greater the amount of mysteries unveiled. Several clues will lead to multiple different locations and players will learn something new each time.

From ancient Egypt to modern photography, The Forever Labyrinth has it all. Google Arts & Culture partners with more than 3,000 cultural institutions in over 80 countries to make art and culture more accessible to the general public. This collaboration with inkle is another way of achieving their goal as the game allows players to embark on an artistic journey as they discover art in a brand-new way.

There’s no need to download as you can play The Forever Labyrinth from any browser itself.

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