THE FINALS Will Showcase Your Leaderboard Position After Ranked Matches in Next Patch

THE FINALS’ first Season 1 patch is on the way, with patch 1.3.0 offering quality-of-life and bug fixes. A brief preview of changes is available, and one nice change is being able to see your position in the leaderboards after a ranked match. Meanwhile, the requirement to participate in unranked Tournaments will be six completed matches instead of 12.

Some crash instances have also been fixed, and improvements to animation to ensure movement feels “closer” to the open beta are also on the way. All platforms will also be able to select Oceania and Southeast Asia servers and hold interactions started while moving are no longer prematurely interrupted. Perhaps the best fix is that some doors in Vegas will no longer open the wrong way.

Check out the patch preview below. THE FINALS is available free for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. You can read our review here, where we awarded it an eight out of ten, praising the destruction, gunplay, movement and strategic gameplay.

Patch Notes 1.3.0

  • You can now see your actual position in the leaderboards once you have played a ranked match
  • Changed requirements for unranked tournaments from 12 to 6 matches
  • The Recent tab in the social screen is now working
  • Fixed some crash instances
  • Animation improvements to movement feel to get closer to the OB experience
  • Fixed a bug where some doors in Vegas would open in the wrong direction
  • Hold interactions that are started while moving will no longer be interrupted prematurely
  • OCE/SA Servers are selectable on all platforms