The Finals Season 2 store update adds new item wanted by fans

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The Finals Season 2 has breathed new life into what fans consider the best multiplayer shooter on the market. Everyone seems to be extremely happy with the new content and additions, and fans have showered Embark Studios with heaps of praise. Now Embark Studios are getting praised even more for adding a new item that fans have desperately wanted in The Finals Season 2 store update.

You can find the complete The Finals update 2.1.0 patch notes online. They provide weapon fixes and improvements to private matches, and they also provide fixes and tweaks to the new Power Shift 5v5 mode. Unfortunately, there is not yet the release of a new character customization feature the devs have said is in development.

While the update has provided lots of balances, tweaks, and fixes, Embark Studios has also updated the store and added an item fans have clamored for on social media.

The Finals Season 2 store update adds cardboard riot shield

The Finals Season 2 store update includes cardboard riot shield. It also includes cardboard guns as seen in the promotional video uploaded to the game’s official YouTube channel.

Image credit: Embark Studios

Surprisingly, the cardboard weapons and shield have gotten fans really happy and excited. The YouTube comments are flooded with joy over the cardboard, and on Reddit, fans have praised Embark for listening to the community.

In the Reddit post, it’s highlighted how Embark’s release of the cardboard riot shield comes only five days after Reddit OP, ReaperWTGun, posted fan art of a cardboard ‘riot shield skin that would go hard‘.

Whether it is mere coincidence or an example of the developer actually hearing the fanbase, it’s good that fans finally have cardboard weapons to play with. But there’s more than just cardboard as the store update also includes a gun littered in colorful sticky notes to remind you that you should be working instead of playing.

The Finals Season 2 sticky notes gun
Image credit: Embark Studios

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