The Finals Season 2 adds new gameplay setting players should enable immediately

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The Finals Season 2 is now out across all platforms. Leading up to its launch, the developers built hype through a trailer that advertised all sorts of new content for the game from gadgets and gizmos aplenty to a new Arena full of neon lights. What wasn’t advertised though is a new gameplay setting that The Finals fans should immediately enable when starting Season 2.

Embark Studios has shared the full patch notes for The Finals Season 2. While fans are mostly happy with all of the nerfs and buffs, there is one weapon nerf that some have lambasted as ‘idiotic’. Still, the community is largely happy with all of the new weapons added to the game for every class, along with the new 5v5 Power Shift mode and the ability to pull off private matches.

Everything about the update is largely great, but there’s a new gameplay setting you may not know about that you should enable as soon as possible.

How to enable new The Finals auto-sprint setting

The Finals Season 2 update sees the introduction of a new auto-sprint gameplay setting. This can be found in the gameplay section of the settings options.

Per the official patch notes, the developer says ‘You can turn on auto-sprint in the settings menu and select the time it takes for your contestant to begin sprinting’. As for why it’s been introduced, Embark Studios has commented that ‘The Finals has a unique “omnidirectional sprinting system” which means characters can sprint in all directions instead of the more common forward-only sprint’.

Stuff like the omnidirectional sprinting system really makes the game stand out compared to lots of other multiplayer shooter. Now you may not like the auto-sprint system, but you should at least enable it to give it a go.

All you need to do is head to the gameplay settings and you will find the option to toggle it on underneath crossplay. You will also find an auto-sprint trigger delay scale that you can adjust from the automatic 0.5.

It should make the game easier to navigate. On a console such as the PS5, it will mean you no longer have to hold down L3 which some people prefer doing while others don’t. If you encounter any issues with auto-sprint, you are encouraged to provide feedback in the megathread on the game’s subreddit.

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The Finals is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.